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The Lucid Dreamer

Safely Control Your Dreams Enter A World Of Limitless Potential Website | http://www.luciddreamer.com/ Advertisements

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Orphe | Motion Sensor LED Light Shoe System

Orphe’s | High-Tech Version Of LA Lights Sneakers Orphe is a smart shoe system for creatives, utilizing motion sensors and LED lights generating a light show at the wearer’s feet. Orphe uses nine axis motion sensors, 100 serial controlled LED lights and … Continue reading

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Drift | Smart Light Blub

Drift Smart Bulb Emulates Sun Rhythms To Aid Sleep Drift is a self dimming light bulb that improves health and well being. Before electricity, humans relied primarily on the sun as a light source. Electric lighting  many benefits to social and … Continue reading

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Protoprint | Fair Trade 3D-Printing Filament

Pickers Paid For Recycling Plastic Used As Filament Protoprint partners with plastic pickers to create the world’s first fair trade 3D-printing filament. The Protoprint initiative is a social enterprise aimed at empowering recycling pickers, by partnering with co-operatives in India. … Continue reading

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Wearable Solar

Wearable Solar – a video by Hammond Images from Pauline van Dongen on Vimeo. Source | http://wearablesolar.nl/

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Open Knit Garment Printer & More

OpenKnit Cayucas Test from Gerard Rubio on Vimeo. See more Here. Source | Prosthetic Knowledge Natalia Allen Works in a Similar Way Check out Natalia Allen, fashion without victims.  Ms. Allen manufactures her designs with robots. Natalia Allen: Young Global … Continue reading

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Wordeo | Smartphone Video Text App

Wordeo Adds Video Clips to Text Messages Messaging app matches video clips to text messages. Wordeo is an expressive messaging app that allows users to include various fonts, video, photos and more. Users simply type in a message and the … Continue reading

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Spherical Power Generator | Rawlemon Solar Devices

Giant Glass Orb Could Replace The Solar Panel Rawlemon is a spherical sun concentrating system. The solar energy industry is still in the process of exploring how to make photo voltaic panels more efficient and less intrusive. Researchers at Stanford … Continue reading

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Eco3Spray | Tap Water to Bacteria Killing Ozone Spray

Tap Water Becomes Germ-Killing Ozone   Eco3Spray is a handheld device that makes tap water an E. coli and salmonella killer. Chlorine bleach is often used by catering facilities to ensure food prep surfaces are clean, but come with a strong … Continue reading

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Rental Car Vending Machine

Kandi Technologies Vehicle Vending Kandi Technologies has developed a gigantic vending machine stocked with cars, available on-demand. China’s Kandi Technologies has developed a rental vending program stocked with electric mini cars, as part of a vehicle sharing program. Their first car vending … Continue reading

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