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Power Ledger | Blockchain Energy Marketplace

Blockchain Technology Used For Green Energy Power Ledger, a company in Australia is set to test a peer-to-peer renewable energy marketplace. Blockchain is the public ledger technology underpinning Bitcoin, it has also spawned other innovations including a platform to reward creators of user-generated … Continue reading

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MobileMill | Portable Power Generator

MobileMill generates solar and wind power during emergencies. WindStream Technologies has developed MobileMill a portable power station designed to assist first responders at disaster sites. MobileMill combines the hybrid technology of WindStream’s SolarMill with vertical axis wind turbines creating a high-density power generator. … Continue reading

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Protoprint | Fair Trade 3D-Printing Filament

3D-printing organization pays “pickers” to collect waste plastic for filaments Protoprint has partnered with waste picker co-operatives in India to create the world’s first fair trade 3D-printing filament. 3D-printing is seen by many as the preserve of economically advanced nations … Continue reading

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Soda Bottle Light Blub | The Lightie

This Coke bottle light bulb could help illuminate Africa The Lightie is a system that uses an empty bottle and a solar filament to provide cheap light in the places that need it most. Even though the light bulb was … Continue reading

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Transparent Power Generator | Rawlemon Solar Devices

Giant Glass Orb Could Replace The Solar Panel Currently seeking funding through Indiegogo, Rawlemon is an oddly beautiful eyeball-shaped lens, that uses refraction to concentrate sunlight with minimal need for tracking. This is part of a series of articles that … Continue reading

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Eco3Spray | Tap Water to Bacteria Killing Ozone Spray

Tap Water Becomes Germ-Killing Ozone Eco3Spray is a handheld device that makes tap water an ozone E. coli and salmonella killer. Chlorine is a common substance used by catering facilities to ensure their surfaces are left clean, but it often comes … Continue reading

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Re-purposed Roadside Billboards | The Other Side Campaign, Thailand

Thailand billboards can be used to build homes when they’re not in use The Other Side campaign has modified road-side advertisements so they can be re-purposed as the materials for homes of poor people in the country. We recently wrote … Continue reading

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Recycled Silicone Jewelry | Belle Noir

Fashionable recycled silicone jewelry from baking molds. Jewelry Website | http://www.bellenoir.nl/ Source | http://www.notcot.org/

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Multi-Family Shipping Container Developments | Detroit

Shipping-container apts set to break ground in Woodbridge, Corktown Detroit’s first shipping container building is about to break ground in Corktown. Three Squared (formerly Exceptional Green Living) plans to begin building a couple model units of the larger multi-family project … Continue reading

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All Clear | Portable Water Purifier

Bottle uses UV light to sterilize unsafe drinking water New from California-based CamelBak the All Clear water bottle uses a built-in UV light to eliminate impurities and make water safe for drinking. Disinfecting water of questionable purity is a challenge … Continue reading

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