In Honor Of Black History Month 2017

The Racist Annihilation of African Identity and Culture

Below are examples of the newspaper comics and advertising that perpetuated dehumanizing labels, concepts and ideology to demean and demoralize Africans as human beings and their existence in America. The main idea was to teach and subconsciously ingrain a virulent hatred and staunch disrespect for Africans among the so-called white population.

Little Sambo & The Tiger 1Little Sambo & The Tiger 2

“Negro” Assimilation into European Cultural Norms

Across innumerable generations, Europeans have exacted didactic use of demeaning terms, ideologies, institutional systemic policies, practices and economic and political structures toward and upon Africans in America. These words, ideas and actions presented in the public forum, were a conduit for mass indoctrination to create contempt and hatred toward and upon the African. The Africans left largely vacuous, down trodden and illiterate from slavery were already steeped in self-hatred yet, still endured the hurtful arrows, stings and heartbreak of relentless public insults and slander. For Africans to have long endured such animus, only to have the critical outcome be ubiquitous disadvantage and ever present oppression.

The Negro A Beast 1

The Negro A Beast 2

Some of the racist terms consistently used toward Africans during slavery, Jim Crow segregation and beyond are tar baby, jungle bunny, darkey, dusky, nigger, negress, spade, coon, cliff ape, crispy, dinge, dootie, eight ball, field nigger, geechee, ghetto, gutter or porch monkey, horse gums, inky, liver lips, nappy head, sambo, skillet, pickaninny, mammy, jigaboo, smoke or smokey, sooty, spook, boy and girl. The pervasive use of these terms has caused significant harm to the African psyche and level of self-esteem.

Historically, Africans in America have gone to great lengths to gain acceptance within so-called white society by endeavoring to change their appearance. This was and continues to be practiced through the use of skin bleach, cosmetics, various hair straightening methods, wigs/weaves and modern day plastic surgery. However, this assimilationist behavior is largely deep seated self-hatred initiated by indoctrination and inflicted through European chattel slavery terrorism. Later, black assimilation was perpetuated by post-slavery blackface entertainment, racist pseudo-science and literature, racist exaggerated animalistic artistic caricatures, poetry using pejorative terms for Africans, newspaper articles, short stories, comic strips and movies depicting Africans as filthy, violent, deplorable, ignorant and depraved; also toys and advertisements that present Africans as amoral and less than human, objects of manipulation and perpetual servants.

Racism/White Supremacy, Jim Crow Segregation & The Unending War On Black Lives

The Dred Scott Decision of March 6, 1857 seems to have taken on a life of its own in the hearts and minds of many who feel superior to; or who have a deep sense of contempt and hatred toward Africans in America. The Supreme Court decision stated that slaves and their descendants had, “no rights that a white man was bound to respect.”  Check out the complete decision below:

“In the opinion of the court, the legislation and histories of the times, and the language used in the Declaration of Independence, show, that neither the class of persons who had been imported as slaves, nor their descendants, whether they had become free or not, were then acknowledged as a part of the people, nor intended to be included in the general words used in that memorable instrument…They had for more than a century before been regarded as beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations; and so far inferior, that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect; and that the negro might justly and lawfully be reduced to slavery for his benefit.” Chief Justice Roger B. Taney


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In Honor of Black History Month 2017

The Effects Of Slavery Were Meant To Last

Slavers inflicted a corrupt version of the law of Karma (rebirth, cause and effect) upon the slave to induce annihilating fear through terrorism, thereby evoking a subconscious dedication to the will of the European slave holder (so-called master). The objective of this system of extreme cruelty and violent physical, mental and emotional torture was to cement upon the subconscious minds of the slaves a loyal devotion to the European across generations. Thus, all African and other indigenous melanated peoples subjected to the trans-Atlantic slave trade suffer from “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” (See video below). As depicted below, slave on slave flogging was a method used to establish mutual hatred within the slave population, later colorism was also employed. The depictions below do not include the atrocities of child rape and murder, female rape with subsequent mulatto child bearing, “buck breaking” homosexual male rape and torture, starvation, sleep deprivation and other “Willie Lynch” type terrorism.

Terrorism: The calculated use of violence (or threat of violence) against people by means of intimidation, coercion or instilling fear; in order to attain goals that are political, religious or ideological in nature.

EXCERPT |  INJURED HUMANITY; BEING A Representation of what the unhappy Children of Africa endure from those who call themselves CHRISTIANS. The respectable and increasing numbers of those, who, from motives of humanity, have concurred in rejecting the produce of West-India slavery, cannot but afford a subject of the sincerest joy to every friend of mankind. Even those who, from motives of interest, still favour or engage in the trade, have been obliged to be silent upon the injustice of first procuring the Negroes, and have not had the hardi-ness to excuse or palliate the horrors of the middle passage: but still they assert, that the treatment the slaves meet with in the West-Indies amply counter-balances their previous sufferings; nay, they have not scrupled to extol a state of servitude as a happy asy-lum from African despotism, and calmly maintain, that the condition of the labouring poor in England is much harder than that of the Negroes in the West-India islands. See a copy of the Injured Humanity broadside here.


Willie Lynch Letter Excerpt

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Detroit | Brush Park Revival



Source | Curbed Detroit
Photos | Bedrock

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The Lucid Dreamer


Safely Control Your Dreams

Enter A World Of Limitless Potential

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Detroit | Motown Museum Expansion



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Detroit Design Festival 2016 | Eastern Market After Dark


I attended a Detroit Design Festival event at Eastern Market on September 22, 2016, on a warm breezy night with my oldest and dearest friend Gloria. Sponsored by Chrysler, the Eastern Market After Dark event was an exciting part of the DDF week long program. It was created by Nina Marcus-Kurlonko to expose the talents and goods of various artists, designers, makers and businesses in and around the Eastern Market district.

The 2016 featured events included the following:

SHED 2: Chrysler, Ally, Art Van Brand Activations; Alex Schweder’s “The Hotel Rehearsal, Designer Lane and Food Trucks

SHED 3: AIA 2016 Celebration of Architecture

SHED 4: Marketplace and food trucks

SHED 5: Detroit Design Ball

WASSERMAN PROJECTS: opening reception for Koen Vanmechelen: ENERGY/MASS


In honor of Detroit’s recent UNESCO City of Design designation, this year’s festival was focused on Designing Detroit’s Future and was programmed by the Detroit Creative Corridor Center.

We had a wonderful time walking through the exhibits and browsing the many vendor booths. I even encountered an old friend Ziam, a performance artist, photographer, fashion designer and the creator/star of “Liquid Silver” a fashion, poetry, music and dance performance art extravaganza. We ended our adventure at the Savvy Chic Boutique and Cafe. We got a bit of exercise, I had lots of fun hanging out with my sister-friend and I look forward to going back next year.

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Energy Generating Fabric

Georgia Institute of Technology Develops Energy Harvesting Textile

georgia-tech-solar-kinetic-powered-fabric-us-1Fabrics that can generate electricity from physical movement have been in the works for a few years. Now researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have taken the next step, developing a fabric that can simultaneously harvest energy from both sunshine and motion.

Combining two types of electricity generation into one textile paves the way for developing garments that could provide their own source of energy to power devices such as smart phones or global positioning systems.

“This hybrid power textile presents a novel solution to charging devices in the field from something as simple as the wind blowing on a sunny day,” said Zhong Lin Wang, a Regents professor in the Georgia Tech School of Materials Science and Engineering.

To make the fabric, Wang’s team used a commercial textile machine to weave together solar cells constructed from lightweight polymer fibers with fiber-based triboelectric nanogenerators.

Georgia-Tech-solar-kinetic-powered-fabric-US 2.jpg

Triboelectric nanogenerators use a combination of the triboelectric effect and electrostatic induction to generate small amount of electrical power from mechanical motion such as rotation, sliding or vibration. The research was reported September 12 in the Nature Energy.

Wang envisions that the new fabric, which is 320 micrometers thick woven together with strands of wool, could be integrated into tents, curtains or wearable garments. “The fabric is highly flexible, breathable, light weight and adaptable to a range of uses,” Wang said.

Fiber-based triboelectric nanogenerators capture the energy created when certain materials become… Read More Here.

Author | Josh Brown
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Yu Ahn | Zika Protection Jewelry

Anti Zika Jewelry In Singapore


The jewelry brand, “By Invite Only” launched a range of jewelry with refillable citronella beads that protect wearers from Zika spreading mosquitoes.

At the end of August, Singapore reported 41 new cases of the Zika virus. Amidst rumors that the country has developed its own strain of the virus, the National Environmental Agency (NEA) increased monitoring in hot areas to document further outbreaks. In response, residents are hoarding mosquito repellent and sales have spiked across the country, with many stores running out of stock.

A new line of jewelry the Yu Ahn Collection offers a fashionable solution, including bracelet and necklace styles with refillable citronella bead pendants. Citronella is a non-toxic essential oil used in mosquito repellent and is effective against the Aedes aegypti mosquito that spreads dengue fever and carries the Zika virus. The cartridges last up to 7 days and refills are available for about $5.00 dollars.


Jade is the Chinese symbol of protection against evil and bad luck. The Yu Ahn Collection offers a play on this concept, as the green citronella inserts are paired with Burmese jade beads. Founder Trixie Khong explains the reason behind the innovation, “We realize that people don’t want to carry mosquito repellent all the time, even though mosquito-born diseases are a problem in Singapore. So as a jewelry designer, we decided to combine the concept of safety with fashion.”

Recently, Springwise looked at a jewelry line for adults that doubles as a teething toy for toddlers to chew on and other decorative wearables.


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Gravity Sketch 3D Drawing Pad

Gravity Sketch makes 3D computer drawing as “natural and intuitive as sketching with paper” from Dezeen on Vimeo.

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Fernando Romero | Border City

Romero Presents Bi-national City At London Design Biennale 2016

BORDER CITY AT LONDON DESIGN BIENNALE from FR-EE Fernando Romero Enterprise on Vimeo.

Architect Fernando Romero has unveiled plans for a bi-national city spanning the US-Mexico border, amid Donald Trump’s calls for a wall to be built between the two countries.

Romero’s Border City presents a Utopian vision for a city with dual nationality, where people and goods could move more freely across the US-Mexico border. Read more here.


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