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Stella Jean 2015/16 F/W & 2016 S/S

STELLA JEAN | Global Taste Maker Advertisements

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MOOV NOW | Wearable Personal Trainer

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PaperJohn | Grocery Bag Backpacks

Cycle-Friendly, Biodegradable Paper Backpack For Groceries PaperJohn is a user friendly, biodegradable backpack made from recycled paper. One million plastic bags are used every minute, contributing massively to pollution through both their production and disposal. Many countries have introduced incentives … Continue reading

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Self Folding Origami Robot Performs Several Functions

Source | IEEE Spectrum

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GROWbag | Recycled Billboard Vinyl Planters

What is a GROWbag? GROWbag is a unique outdoor planter that serves only one purpose: To fit into ones life and any living space! Old billboard vinyl material that would normally be thrown away is converted into an unique range of … Continue reading

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VR Headset Exercise System | Virtual Reality Flying Workout

VR Exercise Machine Lets Users Fly While They Workout Icaros is a ‘bodytainment’ system which simulates flying and utilizes VR to let users enjoy fantastical adventures while they workout. One of the least appealing things about exercising in a gym … Continue reading

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Orbit1 | Table Top Electroplate Device

Personal Electroplater Turns 3D Printed Objects To Gold Orbit1 is a tabletop electroplating device which can coat any 3D prototype with metal for as little as USD 2 per gram. With the maker movement still in full swing, personal prototyping … Continue reading

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Pedigree Found | Pet Finding SmartPhone App

Digital missing pet posters get sent to every smartphone in the area Pedigree Found is an app which uses Google’s ad network to spread the word about missing dogs. Pet lovers have a number of options to choose from when … Continue reading

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Vitastiq | Smart Acupuncture Pen

Smart Acupuncture Pen Checks If You’re Getting Enough Vitamins Vitastiq allows anyone to track their vitamin and mineral levels through a handheld device and app that blends scientific data with thousands of years of acupuncture wisdom. Regular readers of Springwise … Continue reading

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Affordable Pre-Fab Fill-In Housing

Movable homes for young people could fill derelict lots in expensive cities Ready made two story units can fill derelict sites temporarily — housing Amsterdam’s young graduates at an affordable rate. Urban cities are a bundle of contradictions — luxury … Continue reading

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