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3D Printed Sushi | Food Fabrication Machine

Source | Sushi Singularity Advertisements

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The Lucid Dreamer

Safely Control Your Dreams Enter A World Of Limitless Potential Website |

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Energy Generating Fabric

Georgia Institute of Technology Develops Energy Harvesting Textile Fabrics that can generate electricity from physical movement have been in the works for a few years. Now researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have taken the next step, developing a fabric … Continue reading

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Yu Ahn | Zika Protection Jewelry

Anti Zika Jewelry In Singapore The jewelry brand, “By Invite Only” launched a range of jewelry with refillable citronella beads that protect wearers from Zika spreading mosquitoes. At the end of August, Singapore reported 41 new cases of the Zika … Continue reading

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Gravity Sketch 3D Drawing Pad

Gravity Sketch makes 3D computer drawing as “natural and intuitive as sketching with paper” from Dezeen on Vimeo.

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Fernando Romero | Border City

Romero Presents Bi-national City At London Design Biennale 2016 BORDER CITY AT LONDON DESIGN BIENNALE from FR-EE Fernando Romero Enterprise on Vimeo. Architect Fernando Romero has unveiled plans for a bi-national city spanning the US-Mexico border, amid Donald Trump’s calls … Continue reading

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Kailu Guan | Augmented Reality Fashion

KG Projects from Kailu Guan on Vimeo. Digital Imagery Overlay Fashions Presented At NYC Textile Month Parsons School of Design graduate Kailu Guan has created a range of garments that present three-dimensional shapes and moving patterns when viewed on a … Continue reading

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Boosted Boards | Electric Skateboards

Second Generation Boosted Boards The Boosted board is an amazing riding experience with a powerful electric motor, easy wireless control and smooth braking. The 2nd generation board delivers key upgrades, including an extended range battery pack, water resistant electronics and … Continue reading

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nanoPE | Cooling Nano-Porous Textile

nanoPE Allows Infrared Radiation To Pass Through A new nano-porous fabric (nanoPE) could revolutionize the clothing industry. Stanford University scientists developed a plastic-based textile that can be used as a cooling agent in athletic wear and other clothing. While many … Continue reading

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Neuro | Virtual Reality Fashion Design

French Fashion Designer Creates Neuro Fashion innovator, inspired by gaming avatars, creates a virtual digital process for fashion design and alteration. The world of fashion is famous for its fleeting trends and never-ending seasonal production. Clement Balavoine has created Neuro a three … Continue reading

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