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Lenny Kravitz | Low


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Prince, Thanks For The Memories!

My Name Is Prince & I am FUNKY…MY NAME IS PRINCE THE ONE & ONLY! Call It What You Like, I’ma Call It How It Be! I love Prince! His music grabs me at my core and always elevates my mood; those extra funky rhythms … Continue reading

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The Love Project | 3D Printed Emotions

The Love Project 2 Source |

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Rest In Peace | Michael Jackson

*GONE TOO SOON* Dearest Michael: I Love You,  Miss You and I Want You Back! “Gone Too Soon” Like A Comet Blazing ‘Cross The Evening Sky Gone Too Soon Like A Rainbow Fading In The Twinkling Of An Eye Gone … Continue reading

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Beach Fantasy

Dream Love Affair by styln on Polyvore

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Inspiration for 2012

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Are You Trapped?

Surrendered by styln on Polyvore Are You Trapped? Maybe you’ve surrendered to something. Eyes once bright now dim, the soul unsettled, then complacency sets in. The mouth no longer speaks of big dreams nor desires of the heart. Hope dying, grief beckons as … Continue reading

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Looking For A Life Partner?

   5 Golden Rules for Finding Your Life Partner A relationship coach lays out his 5 golden rules for evaluating the prospects of long-term success. When it comes to making the decision about choosing a life partner, no one wants … Continue reading

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Still Waiting

I’m forever listening, searching, and hoping you find me.   Painting: After the Dance – by: P. Ciranna

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Eternal Connection

Do You Feel Me? You smacked my passion with your sweet hot lips, suddenly my soul exhumed by your discerning touch. I’m caught up inside your sweet serenade soulful ,mellifluous and pure-d-game. Captivated by your romantic swagger, I swiftly sink into a … Continue reading

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