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Energy Generating Fabric

Georgia Institute of Technology Develops Energy Harvesting Textile Fabrics that can generate electricity from physical movement have been in the works for a few years. Now researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have taken the next step, developing a fabric … Continue reading

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Yu Ahn | Zika Protection Jewelry

Anti Zika Jewelry In Singapore The jewelry brand, “By Invite Only” launched a range of jewelry with refillable citronella beads that protect wearers from Zika spreading mosquitoes. At the end of August, Singapore reported 41 new cases of the Zika … Continue reading

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Power Ledger | Blockchain Energy Marketplace

Blockchain Technology Used For Green Energy Power Ledger, a company in Australia is set to test a peer-to-peer renewable energy marketplace. Blockchain is the public ledger technology underpinning Bitcoin, it has also spawned other innovations including a platform to reward creators of user-generated … Continue reading

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ELF emmit | Sync’s Body & Mind

ELF emmit Wearable Self Optimizer Each of the ELF emmit’s five mood settings emits extra-low frequency electromagnetic pulses. These pulses gently coax the natural frequencies of your mind and body to speed up or slow down and match your desired … Continue reading

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Molekule | Destroys Air Pollutants

Worlds First Molecular Air Purifier Read about it here. Source |

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Bookmark Reading Light

LED Bookmark Lights Up When Folded Read article here. Source |

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Uber Style Food Donation App

On-demand app for leftover food donation Likened to an Uber for food rescue, Transfernation’s app links available volunteers with corporate events wanting to donate leftover food. Sharing economies already cover clothing, luxury travel,appliances and storage space. Now, unwanted food no … Continue reading

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Rolling Spin Class

Source | PSFK

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Naked | Fitness Tracking Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror Scans Fitness Progress Naked fitness mirror uses infrared sensors and a rotating scale to record 3D images of fat loss and muscle gain over time. As health and fitness tracking devices become more commonplace, Naked unveils a smart mirror that scans users … Continue reading

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NewFoldr | Open Source, Eco Friendly DIY Gadgets

These Beautiful Cardboard Electronics Are Touch-Activated NewFoldr offers open-source designs for everyday desktop accessories, which are made from corrugated cardboard and 100 percent recyclable. Everyday, we see the emergence of new gadgets, smart tech options and IoT devices, but the amount … Continue reading

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