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C. Rae Art | Graphic Collage


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C. Rae Art | Graphic Collage

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A Message From The Universe

On Sunday morning 4/8/2018, as soon as I opened my eyes I heard the words Vesper Alloy. I pondered a second about what those words meant. I said to myself, “That sounds strange, who or what is Vesper Alloy?” I … Continue reading

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C. Rae Art | Paper Collage

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C. Rae Art | Graphic Collage

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Blogthings Survey | What Parisian Treat Should You Have?

You Should Have A Scarf You are a deep appreciator of design, style, and beauty. And nothing makes you happier than being able to add a little of that to your life. You may be an artist, or you may … Continue reading

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Drink Your Way To Creativity

This Beer Makes You More Creative The campaign organizes local brainstorming sessions using the beer to solve participants problems. It is said that each beer you drink reduces the risk of developing kidney stones by 40 percent, and nutrient-rich Lean … Continue reading

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Nico & Vinz | Am I Wrong?

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Soda Bottle Light Blub | The Lightie

Coke Bottle Light Bulb Helps Illuminate Africa The Lightie is a system that uses an empty bottle and a solar filament to provide cheap light in the places that need it most. Even though the light bulb was invented in … Continue reading

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Amy Cuddy | Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Related articles This Simple ‘Power Pose’ Can Change Your Life And Career ( Road Rave: Amy Cuddy ( Body Language ( You see the world through how you feel (

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