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Ernestine Shepherd


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Kate Spade Fashionable Tech Wearables

Kate Spade | Designer Fitness Tracking  Kate Spade adds fashionable smartwatches and fitness trackers to her activewear mix. Read the article here.   Website | Source |

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ELF emmit | Sync’s Body & Mind

ELF emmit Wearable Self Optimizer Each of the ELF emmit’s five mood settings emits extra-low frequency electromagnetic pulses. These pulses gently coax the natural frequencies of your mind and body to speed up or slow down and match your desired … Continue reading

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Molekule | Destroys Air Pollutants

Worlds First Molecular Air Purifier Read about it here. Source |

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Dr. Sebi Says: Africa Never Sick Before Colonialization

European Influence Has Left A Parasitic Stain On Africa In Ancient times, people from Southern Europe and Western Asia colonized North Africa, while people from Southeast Asia colonized Madagascar. In the Middle Ages, North and East Africa was further colonized by … Continue reading

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Rolling Spin Class

Source | PSFK

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Microclimate Chair For Athletes

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Naked | Fitness Tracking Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror Scans Fitness Progress Naked fitness mirror uses infrared sensors and a rotating scale to record 3D images of fat loss and muscle gain over time. As health and fitness tracking devices become more commonplace, Naked unveils a smart mirror that scans users … Continue reading

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NotCo | AI Created Plant Based Meat Substitute

AI Algorithms Help Create Vegan Meat Chile-based NotCo (The Not Company) replicates the flavor and texture of meat and dairy products using AI, biochemistry, and plants. Situated at the intersection of food and technology, NotCo uses artificial intelligence to create the world’s smartest chef. Called Giuseppe, … Continue reading

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vMocion | V3 Platform Cures VR Motion Sickness

Inner-Ear Stimulus Cures VR Motion Sickness vMocion’s V3 platform uses electrodes that simulate motion seen by VR users. Motion sickness occurs due to a disconnect between what the eyes see and what the inner ear perceives. vMocion, an entertainment technology company, … Continue reading

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