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Power Ledger | Blockchain Energy Marketplace

Blockchain Technology Used For Green Energy Power Ledger to test peer-to-peer renewable energy marketplace. Blockchain Definition | Investopedia A blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. Originally developed as the accounting method for the virtual currency Bitcoin, blockchains, … Continue reading

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EchoPixel | 3D Rendered VR Organs for Surgical Accuracy

Surgeons Can Study 3D-rendered organs in VR EchoPixel uses information from medical imaging to produce 3D virtual reality organs. Surgeons typically rely on flat images from CT and MRI scans for pre-op information. EchoPixel has created a system that uses medical … Continue reading

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UNICOIN | Engages Kids For Global Early Education Charity

Digital Currency Teaches Kids About Charity Created by UNICEF and H&M Conscious Foundation, Unicoin a crypto-currency which will engage kids and promote access to early education. More than 200 million children around the world don’t have access to educational activities … Continue reading

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BigBelly Trash Bins | NYC Municiple WiFi Network Pilot

Smart Bins Could Provide Citywide WiFi In NYC Waste management company Bigbelly is conducting a pilot program in New York City, using smart trash bins to provide a municipal WiFi network. There has been everything from sidewalk slabs to city buses … Continue reading

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4screens | Online App & Widget Development Platform

Platform Lets Broadcasters Create Content For Every Screen 4screens is an online tool for building apps and widgets, that enables businesses to produce content for multiple devices and maximize audience engagement. The average UK home now has six internet-connected devices, … Continue reading

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Education & Technology Sharing | Ideas Box

Ideas Box Provides Youth In Survival Mode To Have School Ideas Box is a program that shares educational, creative and cultural resources. Luxuries enjoyed in the West are often taken for granted, but there are areas of the world where … Continue reading

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Printoo |Attachable Prototyping Modules

Paper-thin, flexible electronics modules can add tech to any surface Printoo is an Arduino-compatible set of prototyping modules that can be attached to any object to give it various smart capabilities. Any complex electronic device is essentially a collection of … Continue reading

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Sell Your Digital Content | Sellbox

Dropbox Users Monetize Their Uploads Sellbox is a way to sell digital files directly from a Dropbox or Google Drive account. The user sets up a Sellbox profile by connecting their Dropbox or Google Drive account, and PayPal email address. … Continue reading

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iPad Augmented Reality App

Decolabs app enables augmented reality interior design Decolabs allows homeowners to place furniture onto their rooms Innovations like Design-Your-Dorm have already harnessed computer graphics to simulate interior design ideas. Now, Decolabs allows homeowners to virtualize the interior decoration of their … Continue reading

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Retail Technology | Augmented Retail and More

The Future of Retail | Augmented Retail, Digital Dressing Rooms, No Sale Retail Centers & Phone Payments Check out a USA Today article about, Why Shopping Will Never Be The Same. Source |

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