Yu Ahn | Zika Protection Jewelry

Anti Zika Jewelry In Singapore


Jewelry brand, By Invite Only, has launched a range of jewelry with refillable citronella cartridges designed to protect the wearer against Zika carrying mosquitoes.

At the end of August, Singapore reported 41 new cases of the Zika virus. Amidst rumors that the country has developed its own strain of the virus, the National Environment Agency (NEA) is now increasingly monitoring residents in hot areas to check for further outbreaks. In response, residents are panic buying mosquito repellant and, according to Channel News Asia, sales have spiked across the country with many pharmacies and stores completely running out of stock. Offering a solution is the Yu Ahn Collection, a new line of jewelry containing citronella and designed to protect its wearers from being bitten by mosquitoes.

Launched by jewelry brand, By Invite Only, the collection comprises a bracelet and two necklaces with refillable pendants that contain citronella cartridges or beads. Citronella is a non-toxic essential oil used in mosquito repellents and is said to be effective against the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which spreads dengue fever and carries the Zika virus. The cartridges last up to 7 days and refills can be purchased for USD 4.90.

Jade, a semi-precious stone, is the Chinese traditional symbol of protection against evil and bad luck. The Yu Ahn Collection offers a play on this concept, the citronella pendants are green and are paired with Burmese jade. Founder Trixie Khong explains the impulse behind the innovation, “We realized that people don’t want to bring around mosquito repellent all the time, even though mosquito-born diseases are a problem in Singapore. So as a jewelry designer, we decided to combine the concept of safety with fashion.”

Recently, Springwise looked at a jewelry line for adults that doubles as a teething toy for toddlers to chew on and other decorative wearables. How else can traditional luxury items be updated for increased functionality?

Website: www.byinviteonly.info
Contact: info@byinviteonly.info

Source | http://www.springwise.com/


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