nanoPE | Cooling Nano-Porous Textile

nanoPE Allows Infrared Radiation To Pass Through

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A new nano-porous fabric (nanoPE) could revolutionize the clothing industry.

Stanford University scientists developed a plastic-based textile that can be used as a cooling agent in athletic wear and other clothing. While many breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics are available, the new nano-porous fabric (nanoPE) adds a second dimension of cooling because of its polyethylene element, allowing the body’s infrared radiation to pass through.

Polyethylene, a synthetic resin is commonly used in plastic wrap, but when the radiation aspects of it’s composition are harnessed it becomes a game changer across the board. Shanhui Fan, a Stanford electrical engineering professor believes that the development of nanoPE opens up new avenues of investigation regarding passively cooling or heating almost anything, eliminating the need for alternate energy sources. Read the Stanford University article here.

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Trendspotter | KIRAN UMAPATHY


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