Sustainable Bio-Luminescent Municipal Lighting

Bacteria Could Generate Sustainable Light For Smart Cities


Glowee cultures bio-luminescent bacteria in functional shapes to create glowing signs and objects.

As culturing bacteria becomes more accessible, we’re seeing more technologies using their unique characteristics to create smart devices, such as temperature-adaptive clothing and bacteria-powered robots. Glowee, a Parisian startup, believes bacteria could also provide an alternative to electric lights.

Glowee cultures the bacteria giving squids their bio-luminescence, the ability to glow in the dark. These bacterial cultures are grown in ‘shells’ to be customized into functional shapes for retail signs and other uses, with no need for electricity. Glowee is currently seeking seed funding for further research on how to extend the short lifespan and light intensity of the bio-luminescent cultures. The eventual aim is to use the bacteria as an alternative energy/light source for residential, retail and municipal infrastructure.


Trendspotter | Murtaza Patel
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