GROWbag | Recycled Billboard Vinyl Planters

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What is a GROWbag?

GROWbag is a unique outdoor planter that fits into any living space. Discarded billboard vinyl is converted into a unique range of planters. Billboard vinyl is very durable and is the perfect material for GROWbags. Each GROWbag is handmade in Cape Town by skilled producers who pride themselves in top quality work and ethics. With this project we are empowering our staff and creating jobs.

Which materials is a GROWbag made out of?

Our GROWbag planters are 100% recycled, we only use two materials to create this new generation of planters: old billboard vinyl/PVC and special wax coated polyester thread. Each planter is one of a kind and the vinyl print is carefully selected, creating an interesting story. Particular parts of the bag have been reinforced to ensure the best quality for outdoor use. All bags have been rigorously weather tested for durability and to ensure perfect growing conditions for plants.

How functional is a GROWbag?

The GROWbags are light weight with flexible handles for carrying. The side pockets allow for extra grow-space or can be used for gardening utensil storage.

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2 Responses to GROWbag | Recycled Billboard Vinyl Planters

  1. I could probably use a couple of these bags since I am sort of becoming a horticulturalist.

    • C. Rae White says:

      They are convenient as well as attractive. Guess what, I’ve spent lots and lots of time in the flower beds this season. The paper carrier ran over my begonias at the end of the driveway three times, and he didn’t offer the reimburse me for killing about 36 flowers. Now, he’s required to walk the paper up the drive from the street.

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