Ultrahaptics | Feel Sensations Without Touching

The Ultra-Haptics System Lets Users Feel Virtual Objects


Ultrahaptics is a virtual interface enabling users to experience tactile sensations in mid-air with their bare hands.

Developments in virtual and augmented reality have so far primarily focused on visual experiences, but a new system called Ultrahaptics shifts the focus to virtual touch. Developed by researchers from the University of Bristol, the system enables users to actually touch virtual objects in mid-air.

Ultrahaptics uses ultrasound technology to project a force field from a 16 x 16-inch grid of 64 ultrasonic transducers. The hands are placed above the device which sends air pressure waves upwards that gently vibrate the skin.


The Ultrahaptics interface technology premiered at CES 2015, paired with Leap Motion’s gesture control, enabling users to feel virtual sensations such as popping bubbles with their fingers. Ultrahaptics has the potential for enhancing computer and other gaming systems, movie theater and amusement park ride experiences; and researchers at the University of Sussex currently use Ultrahaptics technology in their SenseX project to transfer emotions through the palms of the hands.

Website: www.ultrahaptics.com
Contact: info@ultrahaptics.com

Source | http://www.springwise.com/


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