Vitastiq | Nutrient Tracking Smart Pen

Smart Pen Checks Your Vitamin & Mineral Quotient


Vitastiq uses smart technology and a sensor pen to track your daily nutrient intake.

A number of different health tracking products have become very popular, as of late. These devices enable the health conscious and those with chronic health issues to perform home health monitoring and other procedures. Devices like Cue a deep-health-tracker, is a mini lab-in-a-box that tracks patient’s health on a molecular level. Now there’s Vitastiq, a device for health conscious people who want to track their nutrition levels.


Using a smartphone app and sensor pen, the Vitastiq system provides a personalized way of measuring vitamin and mineral intake and possible deficiencies. The Vitastiq app keeps track of dietary habits and nutritional levels to encourage healthy eating and overall good health. Vitastiq now comes in Bluetooth and family versions. Watch the video below to see the device in action.


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