Drink Your Way To Creativity

This Beer Makes You More Creative


The campaign organizes local brainstorming sessions using the beer to solve participants problems.

It is said that each beer you drink reduces the risk of developing kidney stones by 40 percent, and nutrient-rich Lean Machine Ale proves that beer can be healthier when brewed properly. Similarly, The Problem Solver beer claims to help drinkers reach their creative peak, so long as they don’t drink too much.

The general affect of drinking alcohol is the lowering of inhibitions and creative thinking peaks at an alcohol level of .075 percent. Created by CP+B Copenhagen the India pale ale comes with a weight indicator showing drinkers the amount to consume for optimal creative thinking. For example, a 132 pound woman only needs to drink half a bottle, while a 185 pound man should finish the whole bottle to get the full effect.


Contact: mbirkvad@cpbgroup.com

Source | http://www.springwise.com/

C. Rae Says:  I’m a beer lover and I hope this concoction tastes as good as the benefit of increased creativity sounds.


About C. Rae White

I'm a proud 6th generation Detroiter, a creative who loves working with my hands and a fashion fanatic with a thing for shoes, bags and jewelry. I'm a family researcher who loves discovering the details of my ancestors lives. Thanks for stopping by!
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2 Responses to Drink Your Way To Creativity

  1. I am not a beer drinker but this idea does have me a little curious. Kinda like those people who get ‘high’ so that they can be more creative with their music, art, etc…

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