Remote Year | Flexible Job Search Program

Program Finds Flexible Roles Allowing Recruits To Travel The Globe While They Work


Remote Year helps job seekers find a flexible position while traveling the world with other remote workers.

One of the main reasons why office workers can get fed up of the rat race is being stuck in the same location day after day. Taking a break to visit new places is often considered a cure for employee malaise, but it’s also possible to marry both a job and travel. We’ve previously seen the Worksurfers jobs listing site help creative workers find positions in unusual locations. Now Remote Year is helping jobseekers find a flexible position while traveling the world with other remote workers.

Created by former Groupon employee Greg Caplan, the idea came about when he decided to see the world while holding a remote working position. Although the freedom to travel was a boon, he though it might be lonely doing it alone. Instead, the program aims to take care of all of the travel logistics and accommodation for 100 participants. Those signing up for Remote Year will get to see 18 world locations over the course of a year and also get to meet and even collaborate with a group of new people. Applicants might already have a remote working role, but if they don’t Caplan says that there are already up to 15 companies who have expressed interest in offering flexible jobs to those with the right criteria. According to Fast Company, the cost of the service isn’t yet known, although participants will need around USD 35,000 to cover the cost of travel and pay into the scheme.

As an idea, Remote Year could help flexible workers make the most of their time out of the office, while recruiters could tap into the unique sense of adventure and innovative skillset that travelers often have. The first group will start traveling in June 2015. Are there other alternative ways to find new talent that the typical CV can’t offer?


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  1. This does have possibilities, especially for those who don’t want to be stuck at home telecommuting.

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