Babybe | Haptic Nurturing Mattress For Premature Babies

Haptic Mat Helps Preemies Feel Mother’s Heartbeat


The Babybe system transmits the mother’s heartbeat into haptic sensory movement for premature babies inside an incubator.

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 15 million babies are born too early every year. Approximately 1 million children die each year due to complications of preterm birth. Many survivors face a lifetime of disability, including learning, visual and hearing issues. Many Preemies spend their first weeks in a hospital intensive care unit, connected to various types of medical equipment helping them survive while assisting in vital organ development. However, during this time mother’s are often limited to one hour of cuddle time each day. This treatment paradigm disrupts the initial bonding period between mother and child, necessary for vital sensory and emotional development. The Babybe system allows premature newborns connect with their mother’s heartbeat and touch through haptic technology.

According to the Babybe team, a mother’s breathing, heartbeat and chest movement is vital for making baby’s post-natal experience less stressful, stimulating growth and brain development. The Babybe system includes a mother module turtle with multiple sensors that tracks breathing, heartbeat and other movements, when held at the chest. The Babybe control module transmits the movements to a Bionic mattress made of a high tech gel material very similar to human skin, that replicates the heartbeat and breathing motion to the baby. Check out the video to learn more about Babybe.

BABYBE, Be with your Baby from camilo anabalon on Vimeo.

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