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Camera-Equipped Headphones Mix Beats, Instagram and GoPro


SOUNDSIGHT headphones use an on-board camera to instantly capture and share video and audio of the wearer’s location or activity.

The prevalence of smartphones means that video can be captured anywhere, but fleeting moments can still be missed in the time it takes to get them out of the pocket and load the camera app. SOUNDSIGHT headphones is aiming to change that, using an on-board camera to instantly capture video and audio of the wearer’s location or activity.

The headphones are first and foremost designed to do their main job — sound good. Featuring studio quality audio, rear acoustic volume and noise-cancelling, the Bluetooth-enabled headphones provide audiophiles with a clear and crisp listening experience. However, the devices also come with a six-microphone arrray and a HD camera located on the right earpad. With the tap of a button, wearers can begin recording whatever they’re seeing or hearing. The camera is located on an adjustable ring around the earpad, enabling vertical panning of up to 330°. Users can download the footage instantly to the SOUNDSIGHT app, where they can crop, trim and add effects, as well as send the clips to friends and family. Described as “Beats meets Instagram and GoPro”, the headphones could allow bands and producers to record their rehearsals or simply let music lovers capture the world around them as they listen to their favorite tunes.

Watch the video below to learn more about SOUNDSIGHT headphones:

SOUNDSIGHT Headphones™ – UFC® Fighter Brandon Rukus Thatch Durability Point of View – Smart Headphones Teaser from SOUNDSIGHT Headphones Teaser on Vimeo.

The headphones are available to pre-order for USD 349. Are there other pieces of hardware that could combine digital tech and social sharing to drive excitement from the youth demographic?


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