Tuna Knobs | Stick On iPad DJ Mixer Dials

Stick-on Knobs Allow iPad DJ’s To Mix With More Control


Tuna Knobs aim to bring the tactile control of mixing desks to tablets, with attachable buttons that work with multiple DJ apps.

TunaKnobs, KickStarterMusic consumption has almost completely lost its physicality since the advent of digital, with entire back catalogs available at the click of a button. Musicians and producers themselves are now using virtual instruments and equipment such as DAW software and tablets have given rise to the iPad DJ. Catering to the latter in particular, Tuna Knobs aim to bring the tactile control of mixing desks to tablets, with attachable buttons that work with multiple DJ apps.

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, the idea was created by Dutch design startup Tweetonig. The devices look exactly like the radial sliders typically found on mixing desks except for the suction cups at the bottom, used to attach themselves to touchscreens. When placed over a corresponding control on the tablet, the buttons use stylus-like technology to move the digital slider. Tuna Knobs are made using conductive rubber that means each button only works when they’re being handled by the DJ.


The idea behind the product is to make tablet DJing closer to the experience of using traditional equipment, along with the precision and physicality that goes along with it but minus the carrying of heavy equipment. The controls currently work with apps such as Lemur, d(–)b, Korg iMS-20 and iDJ2GO.

Watch the video below to learn more about Tuna Knobs:

Tuna Knobs are available to pre-order via Kickstarter from EUR 9 each until 8 August. One of the major drawbacks for tablet uptake in other industries is the lack of precision control, but could similar detachable buttons such as these make the devices more appealing?

Kickstarter: www.kck.st/1oHhJrV
Website: www.tunadjgear.com
Contact: www.facebook.com/samuel.verburg

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Source | http://www.springwise.com/


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