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Ideas Box Provides Youth In Survival Mode To Have School

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Ideas Box is a program that shares educational, creative and cultural resources.

Luxuries enjoyed in the West are often taken for granted, but there are areas of the world where children can’t even gain access to a basic education. Ideas Box is a program that assists communities disrupted by war and disaster to continue to provide schooling with mobile boxes containing educational, creative and cultural resources.

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Designed by Philippe Starck and initiated by nonprofit Libraries Without Borders; the program is based upon a set of four portable boxes that break out into learning stations. The yellow box includes 15 tablets, four laptops and satellite/3G internet links. The orange box contains 250 books, 50 e-readers, 5,000 e-books, access to offline Khan Academy MOOC courses, Open Street Map geo-spatial data and TED TALK content. The blue box features a cinema module with a built-in TV and projection screen, with access to 100 films. Lastly, the green box offers tools for coding lessons, arts & crafts, laptop computers and HD cameras.

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The Ideas Box components can be deployed anywhere, where children don’t have access to learning materials. Ideas Box aims to give disrupted and disconnected communities the tools to build an educational infrastructure to enrich their lives. Ideas Box is currently active in Burundi, Rwanda and regions surrounding Syria such as Jordan and Lebanon, but hopes to expand to Darfur, Palestine and the Democratic Republic of Congo among other locations. Check out the video below for more about the project:

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  1. I could think of some public schools in the states that could use this idea…some of our school districts are like 3rd world countries in terms of access to educational resources (forget about e-readers I am talk just basic books).

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