Nivea “Sun Kids” Print Ad Includes Tracking App & Wristband

Print Ad Wristband Tracks Kids At Beachniveaad 2

The NIVEA Sun Kids magazine ad contains a trackable wristband that warns parents when their children stray too far.

Back in 2013, FCB Brasil and Nivea teamed up to create the Solar Ad Charger a print ad that engages beachgoers by enabling them to plug in their smartphone to charge it using an embedded, paper-thin solar panel. Now the two have come together again for the NIVEA Sun Kids magazine ad, which can be ripped out and turned into a trackable wristband that warns parents if their kids stray too far.
niveaad 1

Designed for families heading to the beach, the ad includes a perforated, water-resistant strip that contains a small, built-in locator device. Once attached to the child’s arm, parents can download the companion Nivea Sun Protege app and sync the wristband to their phone. For each strip used, the name of the child can be assigned along with the maximum distance they’re allowed to wander before an alert is made. If the child goes beyond their limit, parents can use the radar-like interface to quickly find them.

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of the ad:

The campaign helps to encourage parents to link the idea of protecting their children with the Nivea sunscreen brand, at the point where they are most likely to need sunscreen.


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2 Responses to Nivea “Sun Kids” Print Ad Includes Tracking App & Wristband

  1. I like the idea but the only thing though, the kids featured in the video in my opinion should never be left to wander alone in the first place. They were like toddlers…

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