Spherical Power Generator | Rawlemon Solar Devices

Giant Glass Orb Could Replace The Solar Panel

Raw Lemon Solar Device 2

Rawlemon is a spherical sun concentrating system.

The solar energy industry is still in the process of exploring how to make photo voltaic panels more efficient and less intrusive. Researchers at Stanford University have developed a peel-and-stick solar panel, that could be a convenient way of capturing sun energy on a smaller scale. However, to achieve large scale sun power generation the device must contain high capacity concentrating and sun tracking capabilities.

Designed by German architect Andre Broessel, Rawlemon is a spherical solar concentrating system that produces efficient solar energy anywhere. The system uses building integrated concentrated solar power (BICSP) technology.

Rawlemon LTD is a high technology company developing and marketing next generation mass concentrated photo-voltaics (CPV) and concentrated thermal (CSP) modules for the conversion of solar energy, providing solutions to enhance large scale energy efficiency and consumption. Check out the videos below.

Indiegogo: www.igg.me/at/rawlemon-transparent-power-generators
Website: www.rawlemon.com
Contact: post@rawlemon.com

Source | http://www.springwise.com/


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3 Responses to Spherical Power Generator | Rawlemon Solar Devices

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  2. Oh, I had to watch this video like twice to understand what they were doing but I think I get it now. The shape of the ball allows them to focus the rays of the sun into one focal point on a solar panel increasing the amount of sunlight than if you had nothing concentration the sun’s rays into one spot. Oh, at least I think that’s what he was saying. In any case, good find and I hope this leads to more energy extraction from sunlight from companies that wish to use this technology.

    • C. Rae White says:

      This reminds me of the ancient “Death Ray” technology, using the power of the sun to blow up/set ships and things on fire. I think this type of power generator is a cool concept.

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