Sweat Free Smart Suit

Bike-to-work suit keeps commuters stylish and sweat-free


Helping bike riders to maintain a sense of style while they cycle, Parker Dusseau has created a smart men’s suit that offers features typically found in sportswear.

While some commuters may actively enjoy the morning routine of donning their cycling gear and changing once at the office, others find it time consuming and feel uncomfortable in cleats and lycra. Helping bike riders to maintain a sense of style while they cycle, Parker Dusseau has created a smart men’s suit that offers features typically found in sportswear.

The fitted suit is created from Australian 135 Performance Superwool, which is combined with spandex to give it some stretch and moisture resistance. The lining is made from a material that contains even more spandex, as well as wicking technology that draws sweat away from the skin and allows it to evaporate. A pleat in the back of the jacket enables riders to fully extend their arms while cycling without the suit resisting and each armpit hides a discreet zipper that can be opened for ventilation. Underneath the lapel is reflective lining, so users only need to pop their collar for extra safety.

The suit pants feature a ‘gripper’ waistband that enables elasticity but keeps the shirt tucked in. The crotch uses a gusset cut to ensure flexibility and reduce damage from the saddle, while the right leg includes a cuff solution that stops the pants getting caught in the chain. The company also offers a range of commuter dress shirts that also include reflective piping and a similar wicking technology to the suit.

Available in charcoal gray or navy, the full two-piece suit retails for USD 690, while a commuter shirt is USD 145. Considering the amount avid cyclists spend on cyclewear, and the fact that the suit is primarily a high-fashion item, the hefty pricetag may not discourage those who can benefit from its style, as well as the ability to simply walk into a meeting after getting off the saddle. Are there other ways smart clothes can be adapted for the more active wearer?

Website: www.parkerdusseau.com
Contact: www.parkerdusseau.com/pages/contact-us

Source | http://www.springwise.com/


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2 Responses to Sweat Free Smart Suit

  1. Seems like a good idea and the price of the suit and shirt seem high but again you are saving money on gas so maybe you can pool all that money into buying a couple of these.

  2. C. Rae White says:

    This could also be great for outside sales reps who are always on the road/in the street.

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