SOLOSHOT | Robot Selfie Camera

Robot Cameraman Lets Users Take Video Selfies

soloshotSOLOSHOT is a robotic camera tripod that automatically tracks the subject as they move, enabling athletes and performers to create dynamic video selfies.

While selfies have become a major trend in the past year — even leading one Japanese company to develop selfie camera stands for tourists — they’re actually a practical way capture a meaningful moment when there’s no-one else around to do it. With this in mind, SOLOSHOT is a robotic camera tripod that automatically tracks the subject as they move, enabling athletes and performers to create dynamic video selfies.

The device looks much like a traditional camera tripod, with the addition of orange box featuring robotics that can automatically pan and tilt any camera mounted on top. The tripod works with a transmitter — attached to the subject — which enables it to track their position and adjust itself accordingly to keep them in shot. The transmitter is small enough to be worn around the arm and has a range of 2,000 meters, meaning users can create videos of themselves from a considerable distance. The tripod also features a locking mechanism that secures the camera and ensures it doesn’t get stolen. SOLOSHOT has been designed specifically with extreme sports photography in mind, enabling surfers to film themselves from the beach, and other extreme sports enthusiasts to create footage without risking damage to their camera equipment. However, it’s easy to see how the technology could benefit performers of any kind who need to film their movement when they don’t have a second person to do it for them. The video below offers a demonstration of the device:

Retailing at EUR 449, SOLOSHOT is nimble enough to be able to film racecars without a human operator at decent quality. What other kind of unique footage could be created thanks to robotic camera operators such as this?


Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise

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2 Responses to SOLOSHOT | Robot Selfie Camera

  1. Definitely see some usefulness in this gadget.

  2. C. Rae White says:

    All those Instagrammer’s can now up their game.

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