Kite Patch | Mosquito Repellent


Kite Patch Makes Humans Invisible To Mosquitoes

Kite Patch keeps mosquitoes away for up to 48 hours

Although we have seen Lifelens, a smartphone app that detects the presence of malaria from a drop of blood, mosquito borne diseases remain a major health issue in developing countries. There is hope that a new product called Kite will save lives, eliminating the risk of getting mosquito borne diseases. Kite is a small adhesive patch that keeps mosquitoes away by blocking their tracking senses.

The Kite team, including scientists, designers and public health experts has created a simple patch for protection against mosquito bites. The Kite patch is set to be tested in Uganda where where malaria, Dengue fever and West Nile virus are prevalent. When applied to clothing, the Kite patch emits fragrance interfering with the mosquito’s ability to detect CO2, it’s human tracking capability. The patch protects for up to 48 hours and is safe for children. The Kite team is currently seeking EPA approval before delivering the Kite patch to customers. This new product was fully funded on Indiegogo, raising over $300,000 dollars for a product launch in Africa. The video below explains more about the project:


Trendspotter | Raymond Kollau

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2 Responses to Kite Patch | Mosquito Repellent

  1. hmm…I was watching the local morning news on natural based repellents and I think they mentioned eucalyptus and vinegar mix is a good repellent. This patch solution at least doesn’t use harmful chemicals to ward off mosquitoes.

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