Detroit Film Location | How to Catch a Monster

Alright Mr. Gosling, I’m Ready For My Close Up

Rivard Plaza, RiverWalk Detroit

Rivard Plaza, RiverWalk Detroit

Recently, a gloomy storm system engulfed the better part of a week.  On the first sunny day, I take my bike for a quick spin around town.  I ride through greater downtown Detroit, jetting past hot spots where I’d usually stop to enjoy the ambiance or indulge in a tasty nosh.

Campus Martius, Detroit

Campus Martius, Detroit

The speedy jaunt leaves me wet and hungry, so I freshen up and nosh at Wayne State’s Campus.  Once rested, I notice it’s getting late and quickly make a bee line toward home.  I speedily traverse Midtown in an easterly direction and through Eastern Market, cutting a path to E. Vernor Hwy. Just a couple miles from there, at Crane Street, I’ll be halfway home.

Making good time, I turn right onto Crane expecting to speed a couple short blocks to Kercheval, but the next block is partially flooded and a crowd of people, with trucks, cars and equipment jam the street.  I assume this is a crowd of city workers fixing the sewer drain.  I very slowly peddle toward Kercheval navigating the puddle and a man speaking into a two-way radio.  Mind you, there’s no blockade or people wranglers at any point along Crane Street.

Cass at Willis Retail, Midtown Detroit

Cass at Willis St., Midtown Detroit

I approach a large crew of men seemingly on break, casually standing in the street, on the sidewalk and sitting in front of an abandoned building.  Approaching the corner, I peddle through a field of awkward stares, a somewhat confusing situation, as this group isn’t wearing construction helmets and hasn’t a black face in it.  A somewhat strange setup on Detroit’s deep east side at a largely blighted intersection. It’s rare that I encounter anyone on this particular corner, much less a large group of white men with, what I eventually recognize as, film equipment.

Wayne State University

Wayne State University, Market Day

I ask a man sitting near the corner, “Are you all filming here?”  He affirmatively answers with a timid nod, as I slowly coast to the corner. Suddenly, a fast moving silver sedan traveling west on Kercheval abruptly turns onto Crane St. passing on my right. Stunned, I dismount my bike, scoping out the car to see who almost hit me.  I spy a man in the backseat talking on a two-way, intently glaring at me.  I thought to myself, “Hey, that’s Sean Penn,” as it turns out, he’s the movie director Ryan Gosling (my bad!).  I attempt to flee, but a raggedy Ford Pinto quickly approaches the corner with a beautiful flaming red head at the wheel (Christina Hendricks).

Ryan GoslingStartled, I dismount expecting another high speed turn. Instead, the car abruptly stops and then it happens; Ryan Gosling leans out of his car barking at me, ” WOULD YOU PLEASE MOVE, YOU’RE IN MY SHOT!!!”  Flabbergasted, I snap my head back at Gosling yelling “THIS IS MY REGULAR ROUTE!!!” I casually exit stage left grumbling a few choice words. Looking back, I notice Ms. Hendricks acting out her scene as if nothing happened. I thought it a bit strange, but during the whole debacle Mr. Gosling never yelled “CUT!”

I got all jammed up in a Hollywood movie scene just bike riding in the hood.  Who knew Ryan Gosling would pick that particular corner to shoot a scene from his modern fantasy drama, “How to Catch a Monster.”  Rarely is there ever anyone standing on, walking or driving by Crane and Kercheval when I come speeding through.  I typically navigate that corner without stopping for traffic.


I’d like to thank Mr. Gosling for injecting a bit of excitement and intrigue into my exercise routine. I wish him great success with this project, as it’s his debut as a feature film writer and director. It’s just too bad that my Hollywood acting debut will end up on the cutting room floor. Below are photos of the location where I had the encounter with Ryan Gosling and his film crew.




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2 Responses to Detroit Film Location | How to Catch a Monster

  1. lol. So you walked in on a shoot? You never know they might add you in later, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. In the meantime you and your bike stay out of trouble (and movie shots-lol)!

    • C. Rae White says:

      Yea, I honestly stumbled into that one. I clearly ruined the shot, wasting light, time and money.

      I’m surprised the crew members didn’t inform me of the situation, before I reached the corner.

      Had I arrived a few minutes later, I’d have been hit by the director’s car, because they were rolling pretty fast around that corner.

      Obviously, Mr. Gosling doesn’t believe in keeping a tight set, because the “Monster” location videos I’ve seen have been in very close proximity to filming.

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