Happy Birthday, Detroit!

I just had to snag the beautiful image below of Detroit from Stephen’s blog.  This lively photo is a great representation of Detroit’s comeback after a 311 year rich and diverse history.

Just a note to you RUIN PORN enthusiasts, RUIN PORN tourists, RUIN PORN bloggers, LOL photo quoters, ghetto land speculators/grabbers, Detroit pundits, media-writers-in-residence, Detroit haters, looky-loos and passers through who make ignorant (uninformed/lack of up-to-date information) and hateful blog posts and comments on social network and Internet media sites; YOU’RE WRONG and YOU KNOW IT!  You Detroit HATERS……STOP SPREADING un-researched ignorance, gossip and out-right-lies about Detroit!  Your descriptions of Detroit as the land of lethargic under-educated blacks, murder capital #1, having nothing going for it, a wasteland, disaster area, sad city, sooo scary and a crumbling ghost town are WRONG!  Get-up-off Detroit’s back and focus on your own poor, homeless, under-educated, miscreants and murderers, addicted and mentally ill and your city’s slums/ghettos, urban issues/decay and filth.  No city or town in this world is perfect and just because some bobble head posts a link showing, “the ruins of Detroit”, doesn’t mean that the photos are current (depicts the current status) and the places they depict haven’t been renovated, torn down or replaced, abated and being dealt with or otherwise considered.  According to a local PR spin doctor, all it takes is a few newly entrenched young energetic White’s to make Detroit all better, while the native under-educated black masses lethargically await suburbanization, that’s BS!  Detroit’s remaining native residents are NOT lethargic, largely ignorant and indifferent to OUR CITY’S current condition.  It’s going to take much more than young white system busters, a gentrified PR campaign, a consent agreement, selling City assets and avoiding bankruptcy to revitalize Detroit.  THE PEOPLE OF DETROIT are not content to live in a crumbling, rotting wasteland…THIS IS OUR HOME!!!  For whatever reasons, WE CHOOSE TO LIVE HERE, so you had better SHOW RESPECT!  In any case, you ruin porn voyeurs could at-the-very-least get off your lazy asses to Google the truth about what you’re gawking, gasping, writing, posting and spreading lies about.  NOW DETROIT DAT!

Detroit turns 311 today. I figured I’d celebrate with a neat time-lapsed shot I took a few weeks ago of the skyline at dusk. Loved the pattern of the clouds, and the orange glow of the sky beneath them. Also note the RenCen’s LED display: It changed from the orange Detroit Tigers theme to the standard GM blue theme while the shutter was open. Cool effect..

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About C. Rae White

I'm a proud 6th generation Detroiter, a creative who loves working with my hands and a fashion fanatic with a thing for shoes, bags and jewelry. I'm a family researcher who loves discovering the details of my ancestors lives. Thanks for stopping by!
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4 Responses to Happy Birthday, Detroit!

  1. What did I do? Sike, man your words just slapped the heck out of somebody. Even I felt the heat from it and I didn’t do nathan. Aight Detroit girl, keep showing the best of Motor City. Peace

    • Styln says:

      Chocolate, you so funny! I just love mah hood an’ I’m reppin’ tha D fo’ LIFE! These haters betta hit da curb wit dat BS they be spreadin’ ’bout mah city!

      Really though, I’m tired of hearing, reading and seeing blog posts, media articles, LOL photos and the like putting down, condescending to and otherwise talking smack about Detroit! It’s time these un/ill informed so-called writer/bloggers and Internet haters get up off my city. Detroit is not the only place in this world with urban blight, poverty, and armed robbery. If the majority of these Detroit jabber-mouth, knucklehead haters looked around their own dusty cities they’d find most, if not all the same things happening. Detroit is dangerous for those looking for it. I’m sayin’, if Detroit is so scary, why are you here?

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