Vivienne Westwood Faux Fur Collar Bomber Jacket

Fall Crush

Fall Crush by styln featuring vermeil jewelry

I’m a Fur Snob!

I never, ever considered wearing faux fur. I’d rather wear a cloth, wool or leather coat to a formal affair than show up in fake fur. Previously, faux fur looked like dull matted fuzz or shiny shag carpet. As a young adult, I’d shutter at the thought of even trying on a faux fur coat. Well, my best friend reminded me that at a couple points in my life I wore faux fur and loved it. She recounted that, at about ten years old, I showed up at her front door wearing my wrinkle textured, patient pleather, fake fur collared, flare middi coat. She informed me that I bragged about having picked it out all by myself and even presented photos of me throwing snow balls in my fake fur monstrosity. She also pointed out that there was a high school yearbook photo of me wearing a cloth faux shearling middi coat covered with a Native American blanket design. Clearly, she was fed up with my snobbery and had to straighten me out about my early fashion and fur choices.

She was right, but my fashion snobbery started at the tender age of 10, when I got my first pair of trendy heels. My ears were pierced at 11 and was presented with my first pair of 14 carat gold earrings. At the age of 12, I received my first fur jacket. At 13, I was given my great aunt’s 14 carat yellow gold Tiffany style diamond engagement ring. At 16, I received my mother’s 3.5 carat amethyst in a 14 carat gold raised open work setting. These gifts represented growth milestones and style lessons from my very stylish and loving mother.

Learning about fashion by watching my mother’s choices created the clothes horse, shoe fanatic and the fur snob that I am. My mother cultivated within me an appreciation for beautiful things, by creating a beautiful home, fashionable wardrobe and eclectic jewelry collection. She taught me how to determine quality and craftsmanship in clothing, shoes, jewelry and home decor. My mother also helped me to determine my personal style, taught me how to assemble a versatile wardrobe and to bargain shop. Most importantly, she instilled in me a strong work ethic (I got my first job at the age of 11 – volunteer of course) and a deep sense of appreciation for everything I was given.  

My mother’s lifestyle, fashion sense and level of taste developed in me a strong predisposition for genuine, well made, very special and opulent things.  I have a strong attraction to fur, silk, leather, gold, diamonds and luxury. A mindset I cultivated by hanging out in mommy’s closet, closely examining all her beautiful fur coats, designer dresses, suits, handbags, shoes and jewelry.

My Furry Past & Present

  • My first ever rabbit fur bomber hoodie at 12 (A Christmas gift I requested and used as a ski jacket)
  • A 1940’s muskrat swing coat handed down to me by my maternal grandmother at 17 (I just knew it was mink until I tried it on and felt the rough texture of the fur)
  • A multi-color mink tail puffer jacket I purchased at 19 (It was extra fat and very tacky, but I wore it like a rock star)
  • A cream ranch mink jacket with cream leather detail and gold hardware handed down to me by my mother at 21 (A very 1970’s look, but oh-so-beautiful)
  • A full length, beaver lined, dark taupe wrap trench with an over sized beaver collar inherited from my late mother at 22
  • A reversible full length natural ranch mink/leather coat and
  • A full length beaver coat (I totally wore it out) both inherited from my late sister in the late 1990’s
  • A full length black leather wrap coat with an over sized fox collar and wrist puffs given to me by my boyfriend a few years ago (A somewhat flashy coat he picked out, that I absolutely love).

Now, I’m a fan of that faux, fun and funky fur. This Vivienne Westwood “Anglomania” jacket is a great example of faux fur done oh-so-right. The texture, volume, cut and color variation is superb. I’d proudly strut-my-stuff in this fashionable and edgy bomber jacket.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania jacket

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania jacket (see more cropped jackets)


About C. Rae White

I'm a proud 6th generation Detroiter, a creative who loves working with my hands and a fashion fanatic with a thing for shoes, bags and jewelry. I'm a family researcher who loves discovering the details of my ancestors lives. Thanks for stopping by!
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2 Responses to Vivienne Westwood Faux Fur Collar Bomber Jacket

  1. I love the photo of the women in gold and leopard or maybe it’s cheetah booties. This look is really SEXY. It makes me sad that I can’t pull that look off 😦

    • C. Rae White says:

      Sooo funny! That’s the photo I started with!! I’ve been wanting to use that photo for a while, that look is sooo stunning and glitzy…I’m stuck on that stuff!

      I believe you have what it takes to do an ultra sexy look like that. You’ve got a great figure and good legs, a beautiful face and great hair…Honey, with the right dress, booties, makeup, hairstyle and accessories…You’d strut yo stuff in a big way! And, I am unanimous in that! 🙂

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