Are You Trapped?

Surrender, Polyvore Art, 2011

Are You Trapped?

Maybe you’ve surrendered to something.

Eyes once bright now dim, the soul unsettled and complacency sets in. The mouth no longer speaks of big dreams nor desires of the heart. Hope dying, grief beckons as this fowl thing grips your very soul.

So easily, one can slip into the awful abyss of ruin when trouble invades.

When bad things happen or life implodes, can your mind grasp hold of what overwhelms the soul? When all you have and everything you are becomes meaningless to the circumstances, can what is so awful be outdone?

I believe there is a stand your ground, clap your hands, stomp your feet, talkin’ in tounges, grunting and groaning, dance a hole in the floor kind of power. A Supernatural force obliterating every stronghold, turning everything around.

When things fall apart and angst chokes your truth and that creeping evil halts your stride, you’ve got to do a new thing. Simply begin to breathe it out, moan it out, scream it out, sob it out, clap it out, dance it out and stomp it out! Step by laborious step, just move toward that bright energizing light. Break free from torment and let go of the past, grab all that’s yours by divine right and keep it movin’!

You control how you feel and you must always pursue what’s good, true and right for you, no matter the circumstances.

Break the vines strangling your future and the good you bring into the world. When a situation is too awful to understand, quit thinking about it and move-on-it. Whatever you focus on expands and making moves creates change. Allow gratitude, love and joy to expand in your life and leave the so-called circumstances to work themselves out.

You deserve the best of everything, always confess your best good,  focus on the positive and by all means keep it movin’!

With love, C. Rae


About C. Rae White

I'm a proud 6th generation Detroiter, a creative who loves working with my hands and a fashion fanatic with a thing for shoes, bags and jewelry. I'm a family researcher who loves discovering the details of my ancestors lives. Thanks for stopping by!
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2 Responses to Are You Trapped?

  1. chocolate says:

    keep it movin’ on…good advice.

  2. Styln says:

    Thanks! It comes straight from the heart! I know how hard it is to muddle through hard times and messed up situations. I know how it feels to loose yourself and the stress of coping with less than desirable circumstances. We’re only human, but we’re also powerful to make change. I just want to remind those who stop by here that they can make change in the midst of turmoil, by just making moves until things get better and brighter.

    PS: Thanks for the like!!

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