More Family Research From Google Books

Jesse Binga Banker 1908

This article appears in Tomorrow Magazine in November of 1908.  It’s one of the oldest articles I’ve found regarding my 3rd great grand-uncle and the establishment of his private bank.  I clipped this article from Google Books.

NOTE:  This is a white publication, the Jesse Binga Banker article and author are not listed in the table of contents (it’s placed between The Fundamentals of Thinking and Our Censorship of Literature articles).  Click the article to read it on Google Books.

Source:  Google Books

UPDATE:  I found an earlier article, “Negro Bank For Chicago” published on 9/24/1908 in “The New York Age”, an African-American newspaper.  To see the “New York Age” newspaper this article appears in click here.

The New York Age, 9/24/1908, Binga Bank Opening

The New York Age, 9/24/1908, Binga Bank Opening


About C. Rae White

I'm a proud 6th generation Detroiter, a creative who loves working with my hands and a fashion fanatic with a thing for shoes, bags and jewelry. I'm a family researcher who loves discovering the details of my ancestors lives. Thanks for stopping by!
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4 Responses to More Family Research From Google Books

  1. Je says:

    I wasn’t familiar with this publication, thanks for the resource.

  2. C. Rae White says:

    Thanks for stopping by! You’re welcome.

  3. chocolate_matters says:

    You are really doing your research. What are you planning to do with all that you find?

  4. C. Rae White says:

    I love finding my roots and seeing parts of myself in my ancestors. I hope to educate myself, my family members and others.

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