Break Dancing Robot


About C. Rae White

I'm a proud 6th generation Detroiter, a creative who loves working with my hands and a fashion fanatic with a thing for shoes, bags and jewelry. I'm a family researcher who loves discovering the details of my ancestors lives. Thanks for stopping by!
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3 Responses to Break Dancing Robot

  1. chocolate_matters says:

    O M G…the Japanese have too much time on their hands, and what would be the practical use for this little gadget? It is not like I don’t think something like this shouldn’t be pursued, but if they can make a robot move like a human what about putting those creative juices into solving real world problems? Global warming, getting all that plastic trash out of the pacific ocean? making really competitive alternative energy cars? I dunno…

  2. C. Rae White says:

    You never know? They may have some positive and useful designs for this technology, or they may be planning some sinister uses for the purpose of taking over the world. They just show it to us in this fashion, making us think that it’s all fun and games.

  3. Sheldon says:

    It’s happening innovation – I don’t think Americans have a third of what the Japanese have got going on in their technology and skills –

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