Detroit Trails and Greenways


The remodeling of Detroit railways into exercise trails and greenways…Sooooo exciting!

Greenway Map, Dequinder Cut

Source: Model D TV

I got a Schwinn Trailway hybrid bike for my birthday (March 2012).  During our much appreciated warm snap in March and early April, I was able to ride a little over 50 miles going back and forth from home to downtown Detroit.  I’ve so enjoyed riding Jefferson Avenue, the River Walk, Tri-Centennial State Park, Greektown, the Dequinder Cut, Eastern Market and more.  The new trails and greenways are beautiful and give a whole new look and feel to downtown Detroit and the waterfront.  I’m hoping the Dequinder Cut is extended very soon, because it’s so much fun to ride this beautiful trail!


About C. Rae White

I'm a proud 6th generation Detroiter, a creative who loves working with my hands and a fashion fanatic with a thing for shoes, bags and jewelry. I'm a family researcher who loves discovering the details of my ancestors lives. Thanks for stopping by!
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4 Responses to Detroit Trails and Greenways

  1. Cherish says:

    The greenways in Minneapolis were so cool! This will be great for the city. My friends and I were just talking about going down to the riverfront this weekend to get some nice shots…

  2. C. Rae White says:

    This is a great time to come. The river looks great and the Detroit Electronic Music Festival starts on the 23rd. You could get some really interesting shots and have lots of fun doing it.

  3. Sheldon says:

    Cool piece of marketing for Detriot – Ohio has been for years trying to reinvent it’s self from the aftermath of the following leaving; steel production, tire production, bicycle production etc – This is promotion with emphasis in attracting families and retaining young professionals with ideas that will add small, medium & large business start-ups – Cincinnati has a horrid past and present in retaining Black professionals and young professionals generally speaking –

  4. C. Rae White says:

    I’m sooo glad that Detroit is reviving and reinventing itself in the midst of trouble. Ohio is a great state with lots of positive history and accomplishments. I love Cleveland and Cincinnati. We loved coming to Cleveland and docking at the Flats on the boat and I’ll always be grateful for the Underground Railroad Stations in Cincinnati where my ancestors sought help in fleeing slavery from Kentucky back in 1836.

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