Bikini What?

Bikini Pants | Jeans With Integrated Thongs

(TREND HUNTER) Fusing a bikini with jeans pants, the Bikini Pants from Japanese clothing company Sanna’s Brazil Fashion totally blur the line between jeans and a string bikini. If you’re gonna wear a low riding jeans with a string bikini, then these super hot ultra-low cut bikini pants are a… [More]

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5 Responses to Bikini What?

  1. the_wordsmith says:

    That’s nasty-lookin’!  I suppose taboo-ness can be sexy, but, I don’t know about this one.  Peace.

  2. chocolate_matters says:

    Ha, Cherish blogged about this a year ago. I at first thought they were tacky but then I slowly warmed up to them. A  woman with the right derriere could rock these. 

  3. C. Rae White says:

    These are for skinny people! I think they look nasty too!

  4. chocolate_matters says:

    Okay you’re right…but I still say the right derriere and you may have something there. I never said I had fashion sense. I see you and Cherish have the same taste-lol

  5. Ronnie says:

    this gives some trashy women a reason not to wear panties not that I would have serious complaints, LOL I guess as long as she not my woman….LOL;    Oh styln good to know that your ok with the burst pipe and all but as the title of your page states Life is good and you made it through…..peace shawtie holla back

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