Tactile Wand

Tactile Wand is the New Blind Stick

Looking like a cousin of Nintendo’s Wiimote, the Tactile Wand is actually a ’smart’ wand designed to replace the traditional long stick used by the visually impaired. Created by Jin Woo Han, the Wand utilizes a sensor on the front to detect nearby objects and provides feedback about how far away…[More]

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3 Responses to Tactile Wand

  1. the_wordsmith says:

    Very ingenious and long overdue.  This should take hold quickly.  Peace.

  2. chocolate_matters says:

    I think the technology in the Wii game console has man useful purposes and this is definitely one. Thanks for the info.

  3. C. Rae White says:

    I agree! This is a great idea…I just hope they make it in a less flashy version so robbers won’t get the idea to take it from the blind user.

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