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Top 25 Innovative Tattoos

Extreme 3D Tattoos – Raised Breast Implant Tattoo
A man has had silicone implants put under the skin on his leg to bring the tattoo of the lovely lady on his leg to life… well, two parts of the lovely lady to be specific. Lane Jensen's already sport a tattoo of a lady on his shin, and his website shows his portfolio of more unusual work such as…MORE

Emotion Sensitive Electronic Tattoos – The SKIN Project
The SKIN project is truly a new twist on the mood ring idea. The electronic mood tattoos from Philips appear to change with the wearers moods! “The SKIN Tattoo project investigates the use of electronic ink that would allow people to have dynamic tattoos with an infinite number of display option…MORE

Glow in the Dark Tattoos
Have you always wanted a tattoo but were afraid of what your boss will say? With glow in the dark tattoos you can cover yourself in body art and no one will be the wiser (unless they see you with the lights out). The new technique uses black light reactive ink, which is reactive to UV light. As…MORE

Tattoo Bandages – Look Tough When You Cover Your Boo Boo
We may not have our mothers around to make our cuts and scrapes all better, but we can slap one of these artsy bandages on to pay homage to the woman who poured more than her share of peroxide on our open wounds. Tattoo Bandages are a neat alternative to the traditional beige band-aid. Made to mimic…MORE

Tattoos for Toddlers
A company named Tattoos4Toddlers claims to have “patented a needle free” (no, not the rub on kind) method for children in which the tattoo can last up to 10 years. They claim it only “causes slight discomfort”…MORE

Chocolate Tattoos
Yum, yum, yum get love in your tum. This chocolate tattoo kit is rather tasty. You get one jar of chocolate body frosting, stencils and a brush. Or there is nothing to stop you making your own messages to ensure your desires are spelt out clearly. If you're the licker, or the wearer, there is no …MORE

Tattoos For Wimps – Slip On Tattoo Sleeves
It’s tattoo minus the needles and the pain. The tattoo sleeves allow you to have your cool proxy skin art and switch up the style whenever you like…MORE

Gadget Tattoos
Beautify your gadgets permanently! Last week we saw a small company in the UK that offered mobile phone tattoos. Adafruit Laser Services, a new, by-appointment-only business in Manhattan, etches custom artwork onto laptops, iPods, cell phones and other gadgets. The service ranges from $30 for small…MORE

Fruit Tattoos: Natural Light Labelling Eliminate Fruit Stickers
Those annoying adhesive labels. If you are a grower, packer or retailer, too many of them fall off the fruits and vegetables that you send to market. If you are a consumer, they are an aggravation to remove, oftentimes damaging the fruit and clinging to your hands, kitchen counters, clothes, or chi…MORE

Eye Color Tattoos – Your Eye Balls Are The Next Frontier In Ink
When you have run out of surface area on your skin, look inwards … at your own eyes. I guess some body modification nuts thought it was a good idea to have the whites of their eyes stained with blue ink. They tried the standard tattoo equipment but to no avail. A syringe finally did the trick…MORE

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3 Responses to Tattoo Trends

  1. chocolate_matters says:

    I saw the Microsoft Zune has a similar feature that is available to customers like that phone tatoo.That chocolate tattoo is interesting.

  2. C. Rae White says:

    Yea, that chocolate tattoo is one of my favs…and I like the tattoo sleeves too..cause, I don’t think I’ll ever get a real tattoo.  Oh yea! the tattoo bandages are cute too.

  3. the_wordsmith says:

    I think I’ll get a gift certificate for Fay.  Peace.

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