The Frank Turner Story

Frank TurnerAbout the Book
This riveting and heart-renching story includes Frank Turner’s personal account of: Abandonment and sexual abuse as a child. Addiction to smoking pure cocaine. Marriage to the daughter of Louis Farrakhan. Drug use and trafficking even at Detroit’s WXYZ-TV Channel 7 and his subsequent Salvation, Deliverance, Healing and Restoration

About the Author
Pastor, evangelist and author Frank Turner is the founder and president of God s Amazing Grace Ministries, an international evangelistic association. In 2006, Frank retired from WXYZ-TV Channel 7 as the co-anchor of Detroit’s highest rated 5 o clock newscast to devote his life to ministry full-time. He and his wife Nicky and their children live in Brighton, Michigan. Google+ | The Believers Congregation Customer Book Review

More Than Inspiring!
By Venus Mason Theus

Frank Turner’s Raised From the Dead is so full of incredible accounts of his life that words like amazing, awesome, inspiring and uplifting don’t even do it justice. He used the biblical account of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead to describe his own resurrection both naturally (he was pronounced clinically dead on three separate occasions) and spiritually.

Turner’s life has literally played out like a made-for-television movie. He was abandoned and orphaned then left to be raised by his grandmother, who Turner describes as evil, vicious and emotionally disturbed. The depraved woman not only physically and emotionally abused young Frank, but also permitted a pair of her male acquaintances to repeatedly rape and molest him.

At age fourteen, he found what he believed to be a reprieve from his private hell in the form of a marijuana joint. Later Turner upgraded to powdered cocaine, then crack in futile attempts to anesthetize his pain.

His addictions led to his eventual firing from the most lucrative and gratifying job he had ever held, as an anchor with Detroit’s WXYZ TV – Channel 7. Turner realized that his life was spiraling out of control – but at the time didn’t care.

He had endured 33 years of emotional suffering, 25 years of drug and alcohol addiction, multiple bankruptcies, two failed marriages (one to the daughter of Nation of Islam’s leader Louis Farrakhan) and three fatal overdoses as he described it. Then one day while in a crack cocaine stupor, Turner caught a sickening reflection of himself in a mirror and began to cry out to God for help. He would hear the Lord’s voice say, “Enough!” While inching toward recovery, spiritual delivery and trying to reinvent himself professionally, God would send him an earth angel named Nicky Simmons.

Nicky was the one person in his life to show him genuine concern, compassion and love – unconditionally. The two worked together to rebuild his life and reputation while seeking spiritual enlightenment. Turner described how, through the grace of God he and Nicky were led to salvation. In 1999, they were baptized in a Detroit church, confessed Jesus Christ as the Risen Savior and filled with the Holy Ghost. They were married a short time later the same month.

Turner made history when he returned to WXYZ Channel 7 in 2000 as a reporter and weekend co-anchor; then later ended the 7:00 p.m. broadcast with “Finally Tonight… where he was allowed to speak candidly, and without restriction. His commentary was often evangelical. In 2006, he retired from Channel 7 in order to preach, teach and evangelize full time.

“Raised from the Dead” reminds those who were born into a loving, nurturing environment to be grateful. It also serves as hope and inspiration to those who were not as fortunate. Finally, it serves to all that, the Risen Savior, Jesus Christ is the answer to all – regardless of your past.

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2 Responses to The Frank Turner Story

  1. Sheldon says:

    What a story and another "must read" to add to my list – Another good one is A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown –

  2. C. Rae White says:

    I’m so excited about his story! This book is a must read for sure!

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