Bad Products List

Sleeping pills for kids top global list of bad products

Sleeping pills advertised for children, dangerous toys and bottled water taken from local reservoirs are among the world’s worst products, a global consumer group said Monday.  In announcing its bad products awards for 2007, Consumers International said the top prize went to the US subsidiary of Japanese firm Takeda Pharmaceuticals for promoting a sleeping drug for children.  The company ran a television advertisement in the United States which used images of children, chalk boards and a school bus to sell its drug Rozerem.  The “back-to-school” advertisements, which complied with US law, promoted the sleeping pills to parents without including health warnings for children, Consumers International said.  “This case demonstrates the lengths to which some drug companies will go to increase sales of their products, how direct to consumer advertising can promote irrational drug use, and how weak regulation can foster irresponsible corporate behaviour,” the group said.

Another award went to drinks giant Coca-Cola for pushing marketing “into the realms of the ridiculous” in the United States and South America with its Dasani bottled water which is sourced from the same reservoirs as local tap water.  Kellogg’s, best known for its cereals, was given a bad food award for the worldwide use of cartoon characters and marketing aimed at children despite the high levels of salt and sugar in some foods.  “Kellogg’s are one of a number of international food companies that make money by selling products high in fat, sugar and/or salt,” Consumers International said.  “Threatened with litigation in the US, Kellogg’s have agreed to change some of their marketing practices, however we believe they are doing too little, too late.”

Toymaker Mattel was also named over the global recall of more than 19 million products made in China because of high lead levels and small magnets.  Last month the US toymaker apologised to China, saying the vast majority of recalls were due to design flaws and had nothing to do with where the toys were manufactured.  “This is a classic case of avoiding accountability and shifting responsibility on a global scale,” Consumers International said.  “Wherever the fault lies, the safety of consumers was compromised and this should be the full focus of Mattel’s attention, not finger pointing and not blame dodging.”

Consumers International, a global federation of consumer advocate organisations, said the awards aimed to highlight the abuse of consumer trust.  “These multi-billion dollar companies are global brands with a responsibility to be honest, accountable and responsible,” the group’s director general Richard Lloyd said.  “In highlighting their shortcomings, Consumers International and its 220 member organisations are holding corporations to account and demanding businesses take social responsibility seriously.”

The awards, which were announced at Consumers International’s World Congress in Sydney, were whittled down from submissions by consumer organisations around the world.  Criteria for final selection included the size of the company, the scale of sales and marketing, the impact on consumers, and the potential for change by the corporation.

Source | Yahoo News via AFP
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3 Responses to Bad Products List

  1. Sheldon says:

    I’m trying to figure out why young people are being prescribed Cholesterol drugs (reported from the Associated Press on 10.30.07) – What about exercise and diet?? –
    Also, on the Glenn Beck show Florida will sizing-up state legislation on Chinese imports and slave labor –

  2. Chocolate Matters says:

    Sheldon, You know the answer to that one, we need a quick fix for our health problems, instead of doing the right thing like eating healthy foods and exercise we rather pop a pill which may have detrimental side effects.  It is the american way. As for the bottle water, I still can’t believe people buy that stuff, it is pretty much overpriced tap water.  It is also amazing how many bottles I see littered on the ground when I walk outside.  If you are going to buy that stuff at least try to recycle the plastic it is made from. 

  3. C. Rae White says:

    I agree totally. On top of the polution that bottled water creates, it contains xeno (means foreign) hormones that can reek havoc in the body causing many health problems for those who many have hormone sensitivity or hormonal imbalance. Filtered water from the tap, fridge dispenser or pitcher is best.
    Our culture dictates the types of problems people suffer from and the so-called solutions that are prescribed to correct them.  In a self-centered, self-indulgent and excessive society, people seek what’s quickest and easiest, so it won’t get in the way of their personal agendas.  For the most part, people are un-informed about what is true, right, real and good. 
    Our children have been taught how to seek fast food, fast love (sex) and fast relationships (what’s in it for me – user mentality).  Most people don’t take care of themselves because they don’t know to do right, they only know to seek what is so-called right or good for themselves, basically what satisfies their emotions or will.
    Nowadays, it’s easier for a parent to stuff pills down the throats of their diabetic children rather than care enough to teach them good eating habits and to control their food intake and if the parent is stressed and lazy the child will follow suit.  I feel for the majority of today’s children because, they are essentially on their own.

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