Skillet Blonde Personified | Japanese Black Face

New Urban Tribes: Ganguros & Yamanbas

(TREND HUNTER) Far from describing a twanging marsupial, the word Ganguro actually means “black face”.  It’s a fashion term that tends to be used by Japanese girls.  It tends to involve bleaching hair a platinum blonde, having deeply tanned skin, rimming eyes with black and white pencil liner, applying false lashes… [More]

Trendspotter |Nernando Gomez Salinas

C. Rae Says: Only My Opinion, Just Sayin’!

Who remembers the racist term ‘skillet blonde?’ This term defines drop-dead-gorgeous women of African descent, having the so-called angular or chiseled facial features of European (Caucasian or Scandinavian) blondes, but are dark skinned or as black as an old fashioned cast iron frying skillet. This is/was an American racist epithet use to describe beautiful dark skinned babies, girls, and women of African descent. Its use was and likely still is common among Caucasians and African Americans.

The Japanese ganguro/black face and yamanba sub-culture personifies and perpetuates the racist connotations of the term skillet blonde, and is a blatant black-face mockery of black people, especially black women under the guise of a so-called fashion trend.

In my opinion, the Japanese enjoy openly mocking Africans and African Americans, over decades adamantly refusing to stop the perpetuation of their black face machinations. The manufacture and purchase of black face dolls and other racist trinkets, also media driven racist characterizations that are entrenched within Japanese society. Clearly, the Japanese are a self-hating people as their earliest ancestor is African (See article and video below). Let us not forget that the Japanese originate from the Chinese/Jomon-Jin and Ainu people.


Jomon People, Japan

Another Japanese sub-culture called Bobby Okoon, this means looks like Bobby Brown (1980’s R&B singer). Bobby Okoon participants darken their skin, wear Afro wigs or try to nap their hair and wear 1970’s attire emulating the fashions of the American Black Power era. They listen to and collect retro soul and current R&B music while trying to appear, dance and sing like African Americans. It’s very telling that the term ‘Okoon’ echoes the American racist epithet Coon.

A Coon is defined as a person of African descent whose sole purpose is to behave and speak in an unenlightened fashion while entertaining so-called whites with slap-stick comedy, song, and dance. The minstrel show Coon applied black face charcoal makeup, extremely large red painted on lips and often bucked their eyes creating a wide-eyed appearance. Minstrel show Coons also performed buck dancing and the Jump Jim Crow dance. They played instruments, sang silly songs and told stupid jokes, and behaved as ignorant and self-loathing fools.

Jomon Man Japan

Jomon Man, Japan

Large groups of Bobby Okoon enthusiasts sing and dance to R&B/soul music in public spaces, at night clubs or in music and clothing stores that cater to the sub-culture. Also, other costumed enthusiasts mock African-American soul music and jazz icons at karaoke clubs. Now, large gangs of Japanese women and gay men immerse themselves in the ganguro and yamanba sub-culture. I say SHAME ON these ignorant, attention seeking, childish and fantasy driven fools for such arrogance and racist mockery!

Ainu People

Ainu People, Japan

Check out an article about, “The Black Presence In Early Japan.”

More Links about Blacks in Asia:


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2 Responses to Skillet Blonde Personified | Japanese Black Face

  1. chocolate_matters says:

    I wonder WHERE they got that look from?

  2. C. Rae White says:

    Generally, Japanese people believe in and follow the White/European standard of beauty. Within the Japanese fashion industry, the models are required to be “Hapa” (mixed with white and Japanese). Overall, the Japanese consider blacks to be ugly and buy into/believe racist characterizations of black and brown people. The most popular television show in Japan depicts a black aborigine who behaves in an animalistic and depraved way.

    The girls who wear the black face look are called mountain hags, but they look almost exactly like the black faced dolls that are big sellers in Japan among adults and children. In my opinion, many of the Japanese youth (and young adults) live in a self-involved, delusional and childish fantasy world!

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