Eternal Connection

Eternal Connection by Merrill Robinson

Painting by Merrill Robinson

Do You Feel Me?

You smacked my passion with your sweet hot lips, suddenly my soul exhumed upon your discerning touch. I’m primed inside your sweet serenade, mellifluous, curvaceous and pure-d-game; you sang me into a love-drunk-stupor. Your peculiarities and cunning character captivate my senses, a supernatural confirmation. Now, you seem to be that long-awaited answer to my lofty prayers. Man, you stole my desire with breathtaking tenderness, better yet nigga! runnin’ yo’, “I’ma bad ass superstar” game. You smack me, I smack you back as we sweetly surrender to the chemistry in our kisses, ooh baby…you feel dat too?

Come now! Resurrect me from your cerebral tomb, plop me in the pocket of yo’ funky-est groove! Cloak the seat of my passion with your raspy whisperings, plumped with sensuous cravings. Now, constraining my quivering pulse, I deeply inhale your yearning and I am full. Your ethereal affection heightens my senses, as I tremble within the electrified breath of your soul. All aglow, I savor your supernal presence as your mindspeak penetrates my spirit, mind , body and soul, our eternal connection.

Right now! I’m a flaming ball of desire bouncing deep into the seat of your needs. And yes, you’ll find me all sweaty from sizzling hot flashes of your thoughtfulness. Behold my beauty sketched by the creativity in your fingertips, your touch sparks my desire. Ooh baby, you eat me like sweet chocolate dessert, my flava savored inside your secret bliss. Do you see me?

Now, inhale my essence and enjoy the fragrance of my swollen desire for your passion. Boy! ingest my ripened voice, allow each nourishing utterance to stick to your ribs. Honey, relax as I feed your everlasting fire and stroke your aching desire. I see you sweetly shudder, all soft and wet, the evidence of ecstasy extracted from your wildest dreams. Now, weave my spirit into the fabric of your faith as I am conceived in the womb of your blessedness. Do you feel me?

Copyright 2005, C. Rae White

This poem was inspired by a man I met back in early 2000. He’s a superstar musician who attempted to sweep me off my feet the day we met. He serenaded me with a few songs he was working on and encouraged me to sing along with some of his big hits.

I was creative from an early age and began writing poetry at about the age of 12. I added an English minor in college and developed a manuscript of poetry. Later, I attempted a music industry career as a studio singer, group member and lyricist. When I met this man, I hadn’t written a creative word in over 5 years. I thought I’d lost my passion for writing, but a few weeks after we met, I woke up one morning scrambling for pen and paper to capture poetry flowing from the depths of my soul. As soon as I finished the poem entitled, “I Wonder” I shared it with him. I explained that it was inspired by him, that I hadn’t written poetry in years and thanked him for the creative inspiration.

After knowing him for only a brief time, his spiritual presence greatly enhanced my supernatural awareness and just talking with him continued to inspire my creativity. I began having dreams, visions and supernatural experiences involving him; this might sound crazy, but it’s true! These supernatural encounters also affected the people around me, something that still intrigues me. 

My very first encounter occurs on a Sunday evening. I’m at home with a friend watching television. She’s sitting in a chair and I’m laying on the couch. Gradually, I sense the atmosphere within my apartment become subtly electrified and it smelled of vitalized rarefied (thin) air, creating a strong sense of anticipation and excitement. It was clear to me that something had invaded my space, causing me to feel light headed and drowsy. The more I relaxed, the better I could hear a faint dialogue from a great distance. I then recognize this man’s very distinct voice praying and talking to me. Fascinated, I just lay there with my eyes closed enjoying the experience. Suddenly, my friend says, “are they here?.” I said, “you feel that too?” She said ,”yes and I think they’re here.” I said, “No, they’re not here ______ is just talking to me over the universe.” My girlfriend was present when I met this man and had become familiar with someone whom he worked closely with. After she leaves, I’m exhausted and immediately get into bed, but the whole thing starts up again. This time his voice is much louder and he’s talking up a storm. Unable to sleep, I cry out, “OK! OK! I hear you, but I need to sleep, I have to get up early for work!”

The next morning I enter my small office, greet my coworker, sit at my desk and begin working. Several minutes later she says, “what’s that thing hovering over you?” I said,”You feel it too, I can’t believe you actually feel that.” She said, “the level of electricity in here is sooo strong, I can’t it take any longer, I’ve gotta get outta here.” We quickly exit and take the elevator down to the main lobby. After a 21 floor decent, we’re both a bit dizzy and I’m seeing stars, we hold onto each other as we scurry out of the elevator for fresh air. Trying to catch my breath, I feel as though I’m about to black out then become sick to my stomach and about to vomit. We run to the restroom where I frantically heave over the a toilet, but nothing comes up. Later, I tell her about the man and how this supernatural encounter began. She’s somewhat frightened by the occurrence, but also intrigued by my story.

That same day, he calls the office and I describe my encounters and my coworker’s distress. The man assures me that he’s only praying for me and speaking blessings into my life. He asked me to apologize to my coworker for him and explain that it’s all positive with nothing to fear. I’d never experienced anything like this ever before and it happened a few more times up to 2003. My dreams became lucid and were sometimes so weird that I began a dream journal to better understand what I was going through.

As it turns out, we had regular friendly chats for a little over a year, there was a mutual attraction, but our involvement never went beyond friendly acquaintances. Well, life happened and we lost touch. Later, whenever I’d see him on television, Id think about those strange encounters and wonder if anybody else had the same experience with this very special man.


About C. Rae White

I'm a proud 6th generation Detroiter, a creative who loves working with my hands and a fashion fanatic with a thing for shoes, bags and jewelry. I'm a family researcher who loves discovering the details of my ancestors lives. Thanks for stopping by!
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