Official Belle Isle Bridge Lighting | Detroit

Belle Isle Bridge Lighting Powered by Platinum Equity from Platinum Equity on Vimeo.

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MODA | 3D Makeup Printer

Digital Makeup Artist Copies Celebrity Looks Using 3D Printing


MODA uses facial-scanning technology and a 3D printer to adapt the latest makeup trends and apply them to the user’s face in 30 seconds.

For those who never quite got the hang of applying makeup with their own hands, MODA from Foreo is the world’s first digital makeup artist. The device uses facial-scanning technology and a 3D printer to adapt and apply the latest makeup trends directly to the user’s face, in just half a minute.


To begin, users download the integrated smartphone app and select the style they want to emulate — this might be a catwalk look from MODA’s image library, a photo of a celebrity from the internet or even a picture of a fashionable friend. MODA then customizes the colors and shapes to suit the wearer’s skin tone and face shape. The user then places their face into the device, enabling MODA to paint it using FDA-approved makeup ink, which is even suitable for sensitive skin. The makeup is applied in three stages — primer, foundation and color.

With the vast number of online videos showing users how to copy celebrity makeup styles, there is certainly a potential audience for MODA. However, much of the pleasure of makeup comes from the pampering ritual of the application process, which the device all but eliminates. Perhaps the machine’s speed and precision would make it a useful tool for the theater, where identical looks must be recreated every night under pressure.


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The Robotic Chef


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MADLAB Introduces Tactum | On Body 3D Printed Jewelry

From the MADLAB Website:


Tactum extracts features from the user’s body to generate the interactive digital geometry that is projected onto the skin. This embeds a level of ergonomic intelligence into the form: wearable designs are inherently sized to fit the designer. Tactum also embeds 3D printing fabrication constraints into the geometry. No matter how the designer manipulates the projected forms, every design is always ready to be 3D printed and worn back on the body.

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Lily Drone Camera

Lilly Drone Camera

Lilly Drone Camera Specs

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Cynthia Bailey Eyewear



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Illesteva Boca Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Chic | It's Like That
Illesteva Boca Cat-Eye Sunglasses
Stella McCartney Flat Cat Eye Sunglasses
Oliver Peoples Rovella Rectangle Frame
Valentino D-frame acetate sunglasses
The Row x Linda Farrow tortoiseshell temple acetate sunglasses
Valentino Rockstud-Temple Cat-Eye Sunglasses
Victoria Beckham Square-frame acetate sunglasses
Prada Round-frame acetate sunglasses
Cutler and Gross Rose gold-plated D-frame mirrored sunglasses
Prism Sydney square-frame acetate sunglasses
Isabel Marant Daria round-frame metal sunglasses
Illesteva Leonard II round-frame acetate mirrored sunglasses
Miu Miu Round-frame acetate and metal sunglasses
Illesteva Hamilton Matte Tortoise Sunglasses
Markus Lupfer D-frame glittered acetate sunglasses
Roberto Cavalli  Mebsuta 885S Leather & Gold Tone Aviator Sunglasses
Matthew Williamson x Linda Farrow pebble snake print cat eye sunglasses
Alexander McQueen Square-frame acetate sunglasses
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HotSquash | Warming & Cooling Clothing

Fashionable, Temperature Regulating Clothes Inspired By Polar Bear Fur


HotSquash’s practical clothing range is inspired by the fur of polar bears and keeps the wearer warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

Designers have often looked to the animal kingdom for clothing inspiration, whether it be for style or function, and now UK apparel brand HotSquash have created a practical clothing range inspired by the fur of the polar bear — which will keep the wearer warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

HotSquash recently launched their ‘cool range’ and ‘warm collection’, both of which include dresses, skirts, jackets and more, all made with temperature regulating fabrics to stop the wearer getting uncomfortably hot or cold. The summer range uses CoolFresh fabric which combines multi-channel and hollow fibres to help minimize clamminess and enable perspiration to dry twice as quickly as cotton or wool. HotSquash’s Warm Collection uses ThinHeat technology which is inpsired by the fur of polar bears, generating heat through hollow-core fibres that trap air for greater insulation.

We have seen other garments such as NuDown also aiming to help the wearer better regulate their temperature in changing climates. What perhaps sets HotSquash apart is the emphasis on performance in a line that is designed to appear fashionable, with the functional qualities hidden beneath a high-street aesthetic. How else could clothing labels make their garments more adaptable to different weather?


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Tree Planting Drones

Reforestation Drones Could Plant A Billion Trees Yearly


Bio-carbon Engineering, led by former NASA engineer Lauren Fletcher, to plant one billion trees a year, using multipurpose drones.

Industrial scale deforestation destroys 26 billion trees each year, and while there are a number of initiatives — such as Supply Change and The Rainforest Connection — aiming to lessen this number, startup BioCarbon Engineering is concentrating its efforts on damage control by pioneering drone reforestation.

The world currently replants approximately 15 billion trees per year. Hand planting trees, which until now has been the primary method available, is both costly and time-consuming, which explains the worrying shortfall in reforestation. Now, BioCarbon Engineering — led by former NASA engineer Lauren Fletcher — are proposing an alternative: the company plans to plant one billion trees a year, using multipurpose drones.

The UAVs will first map the terrain of effected areas and then carry out precision planting of pregerminated seeds. Two operators are expected to employ multiple UAVs, which can shoot the seeds at a rate of 10 pellets per minute, totalling 36,000 trees in a day. The seeds would be covered with a nutritious hydrogel, making them more likely to flourish and BioCarbon Engineering hope to collaborate with local reforestation organizations to ensure they satisfy the biodiversity needs of each region, restoring ecosystems rather than creating fragile monocultures. The startup suggests that their method could cost 85 percent less than traditional methods.

Are there other ways that drones could be used in farming and gardening?


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Bat-Gen | Everlasting Battery Made with Melanin


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