4screens | Online App & Widget Development Platform

Platform Lets Broadcasters Create Content For Every Screen

Four Screens 1

4screens is an online tool for building apps and widgets, that enables businesses to produce content for multiple devices and maximize audience engagement.

The average UK home now has six internet-connected devices, and multi-screening has become the norm with consumers splitting their attention between TV and smartphone, or tablet and games console. Now, 4screens is a platform which enables content producers to create apps and content for multiple devices, so that they can interact with audiences on every screen.

4screens is an online tool for building apps and widgets, which enables businesses to adapt their content easily and maximize audience engagement. The platform — called 4screens Studio — can be used by TV and radio broadcasters, publishers, retailers or brands.


Clients can create social hubs, voting polls, chat forums and more. They can customize and adapt the tools to best suit their product and engagement strategy. For example, Polish TV show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ recently used 4screens Studio to create engagement apps which enabled their audience to vote for competitors, respond to producers’ questions and polls, and judge performances and jokes. The audience were also encouraged to judge performers’ clothing and style, which linked to an in-app promotion by youth clothing store Sizeer.

How else can companies use secondary screens to their advantage?

Website: www.4screens.net
Contact: info@4screens.net

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VR Headset Exercise System | Virtual Reality Flying Workout

VR Exercise Machine Lets Users Fly While They Workout

exercise machine 1

Icaros is a ‘bodytainment’ system which simulates flying and utilizes VR to let users enjoy fantastical adventures while they workout.

One of the least appealing things about exercising in a gym is the unchanging scenery. We’ve seen a number of systems such as VeloReality and Virtual Active iOS which utilize virtual reality to enhance users’ exercise experience by providing realistic, changing scenery. Now, Icaros from HYVE is adding a bit of fantasy to the mix. Icaros is a ‘bodytainment’ system which combines a VR headset with a futuristic looking workout station, letting users enjoy adventures such as flying through space or deep sea diving while exercising.


To begin, users launch a PC app which runs visual environments including space, the Amazon and the depths of the ocean. They also need to connect to a smartphone app which monitors their physical movements. Next they put on a pair of VR goggles and climb aboard the exercise machine. They control their virtual experience with the movements of their body, maintaining their balance and avoiding collisions. The movements required train the user’s shoulders, abs and lateral abdominal muscles, all the while burning calories and strengthening their quick reflexes and coordination.

As reported by PSFK, HYVE have completed their first working prototype and plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign soon. What other bodytainment products could enhance users’ workouts?

Website: www.icaros.net
Contact: www.icaros.net/contact

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The Time For Change Is NOW!!!

Emanuel African Methodist Church Steeple, Charleston, SC | Photo: WikipediaAmerica’s History Of Racism/White Supremacy MUST END NOW!

It is not enough to debate the elimination of the symbols, celebrations and multi-level/wide spread practice of racism/white supremacy.

There must be immediate action ending the pervasive hatred, marginalization (institutional/structural racism), perpetual poverty/oppression (purposeful creation of black ghetto’s/slums), criminalization (purposeful influx of drugs and guns into black ghettos & mass incarceration of black men) and sub-standard (non-existent) public education for American blacks.

This so-called great nation was BUILT by BLACK SLAVE LABOR (FREE LABOR), without it this nation would not exist as such. The so-called white people of America should be ashamed for ignoring and perpetuating such a longstanding travesty. America must expedite a plan to eliminate it’s glaring race/hate problem and admit to it’s acceptance and perpetuation of RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY! So-called whites (who have taken full advantage of) are not entitled to the best of everything, while the vast majority of American blacks perpetually suffer in ignorance and poverty.

The domestic terror attack and mass murder of 9 black individuals at the historic Mother Emanuel AME church bible study is just one of many glaring examples of what racism/white supremacy perpetuates. This heinous act, is but one, in a long line of HATE CRIMES toward American blacks throughout the history of this nation.


The New Black Panther Party & over 150 others march at Emanuel AME church.

The New Black Panther Party & over 150 others march at Emanuel AME church.

Help Charleston Heal From Church Massacre | CNN

Emanuel AME Church Steeple Photo Source | Wikipedia

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Drone Footage of Detroit Fireworks 2015

Detroit Fireworks 2014

2015 Detroit Fireworks from Green Sky Creative on Vimeo.

Source | http://www.positivedetroit.net/

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Favorite Polyvore Beauty Sets | S/S 2015

Glow On




Blushing in Violet


Summer Essentials


Summer Eyeshadow


Edgy Glamour: Temporary Tattoo


Hot Neon Nails!


Summer evening makeup&hair


Colorful Beauty


Top “Beauty” Sets *13*


Top 10 Pink Beauty


Temporary Tattoo


Shine Bright Like a Diamond


Beauty: Pool Colours


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Janet Jackson | No Sleeep

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Detroit City Chess Club | Detroit Youth Become Deep Thinkers and Champions

Photo Source | http://www.detroitcitychessclub.com/chessphotos.html

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Jewelbots | Smart Coding Bracelets

Smart Friendship Bracelets Teach Young Girls How To Code


Jewelbots is a line of programmable jewelry that makes coding fun for girls.

We have seen a number of toys and devices — such as Piper and Bitsbox — that aim at teaching kids about engineering and coding. The latest of these is Jewelbots, programmable jewelry targeted at teenage and pre-teens girls, that hope to excite them about their potential as coders and engineers.

Friendship bracelets have always involved a huge element of creativity and learning, and the recent comeback of loom bands shows that customizable jewelry is as popular as ever with young people. Jewelbots, which are connected to each other by Bluetooth, update the friendship bracelet for the smart generation.


To begin, wearers connect their bracelets to those of their friends using the Jewelbot app, and program them to light up or change color when those friends are near. As they become familiar with the programming, they can design more complicated and creative responses, all the while learning the fundamentals of computer science. Since the platform is open source, users will be able to create their own rules — such as flashing a certain color when they get a text from their family or vibrating when they gain a new Instagram follower.

Jewelbots can be previewed at various upcoming hackdays across the US. How else can young girls be encouraged to experiment with programming?

Website: www.jewelbots.com
Contact: hi@jewelbots.com

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Ultrahaptics | Feel Sensations Without Touching

Virtual Haptics System Lets Users Feel Without Touching


Ultrahaptics is a virtual interface which enables users to experience ‘phantom’ tactile sensations in mid-air with their bare hands.

Developments in virtual and augmented reality have so far primarily focused on users’ visual experiences, but a new system called Ultrahaptics could shift the focus from virtual sight to virtual touch. Developed by researchers from the University of Bristol, the system enables users to experience ‘phantom’ tactile sensations in mid-air with their bare hands.

Ultrahaptics uses ultrasound to project a force field from a 16 x 16 inch grid of transducers. The user places their hands above the device to interact with the tactile interface, which sends air pressure waves upwards, gently vibrating the skin of their hand to create feeling. There are 64 ultrasonic, focused transducers and the possible tactile feedback sensations are practically endless.


The technology was premiered at CES 2015, paired with Leap Motion’s gesture control, enabling users to feel virtual sensations such as popping bubbles while watching their hand complete the actions in virtual space. Ultrahaptics has obvious potential for enhancing gaming and entertainment and researchers at the University of Sussex are already using the capacity of Ultrahaptics’ simulated touch to evoke emotions with itsSenseX project. What are the most exciting potential uses for this system?

Website: www.ultrahaptics.com
Contact: info@ultrahaptics.com

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Bio-Printing | New Technology For Cosmetics Testing & More

3D Printed Skin Could Become The Standard For Cosmetics Testing


L’Oreal have teamed up with bio-printing startup Organovo, to begin 3D printing human skin tissue for use in cosmetics testing.

French cosmetics brand L’Oreal produces 100,000 skin samples a year on which to test its products. Currently, the brand grows and analyzes skin samples donated by plastic surgery patients, and carefully cultivates nine skin varieties, but the process is reliant upon sixty scientists managing an incredibly precarious environment. Now, L’Oreal have teamed up with bioprinting startup Organovo to begin introducing 3D printing technology into the process. That automation would enable them to dramatically speed up the one week growth time.

The partnership will see L’Oreal providing skin expertise and funding, while Organovo provide the technology. Skin production is a lucrative business for L’Oreal — who sell about half of their samples to cosmetics competitors and pharmaceutical companies. The research is expected to enable L’Oreal to use 3D printed skin within five years, with Organovo able to make use of tissue models for testing of prescription drugs and other non-cosmetic products.

Are there other ways in which 3D printed skin be utilized?

Website: www.organovo.com
Contact: www.organovo.com/contact

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