Teardrop Portraits

Mikkers Teardrop Photos

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Rolling Spin Class

Rolling Spin Class

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McTRAX | Place Mat Music Studio


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Microclimate Chair For Athletes

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Not currently for sale.

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Hover | AI Powered Indoor Camera Drone


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Naked | Fitness Tracking Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror Scans Fitness Progress

Naked-3D-fitness-mirror-US 1

Naked fitness mirror uses infrared sensors and a rotating scale to record 3D images of fat loss and muscle gain over time.

As health and fitness tracking devices become more commonplace, Naked unveils a smart mirror that scans users for precise feedback on the fitness level they’ve achieved with regular exercise.

Naked’s fitness tracker has three components: a scanning mirror with infrared sensors, a rotating scale and apps for iPhone and Android. The user mounts a rotating scale in front of the mirror. As the scale rotates, the mirror’s sensors scan the entire body creating a 3D image. The users total body weight, body fat quotient and muscle gain data uploads to the smartphone app via Bluetooth 4.0. The users 3D body rendering, weight loss statistics and heat maps display exercise results and changes in body shape.

The Naked 3D fitness mirror is available for pre-order from USD 499, and full release is scheduled for 2017.

Website: www.naked.fit
Contact: info@naked.fi

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NewFoldr | Open Source, Eco Friendly DIY Gadgets

These Beautiful Cardboard Electronics Are Touch-Activated

newfoldr-open-source-diy 1

NewFoldr offers open-source designs for everyday desktop accessories, which are made from corrugated cardboard and 100 percent recyclable.

Everyday, we see the emergence of new gadgets, smart tech options and IoT devices, but the amount of production waste can sometimes vastly out weigh the benefits of such innovations. Offering an Eco friendly solution, NewFoldr hosts open source, cleverly designed, DIY cardboard clad gadgets, which allow Eco conscious tech fanatics to make new electronics without producing much waste.

NewFoldr’s most recent recyclable products include a variable light LED desktop lamp, a portable Bluetooth speaker and a set of mini desktop speakers. Each product uses touch sensors and includes modular circuit boards that are charged via micro USB cables. Users can also customize the gadget’s artwork, and personalize their own power switch icons.


The products are also available under the Creative Commons License allowing the public to use, adapt and distribute them in various ways; and NewFoldr encourages makers to upload new or adapted designs to their website.

The startup is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Soon, the designs will be available for download, allowing customers to cut costs by creating their own cardboard designs.

Also, we’ve recently come across a collective offer of downloadable furniture designs that can be made locally.

Website: www.newfoldr.com
Contact: info@newfoldr.com

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NotCo | AI Created Plant Based Meat Substitute

Artificial intelligence uses algorithms to make nutritious vegan meat


Chile based NotCo (The Not Company) replicates the flavor and texture of meat and dairy products using AI, biochemistry and plants.

Situated at the intersection of food and technology, NotCo uses artificial intelligence to create the world’s smartest chef. Called Giuseppe, the advanced algorithm examines the molecular structure of meat and dairy products for replication using plant material.

NotCo’s secret to creating delicious vegan products is to source plants that have a similar molecular structure to the flavors and textures of natural meat, eggs, milk and cheese. When Giuseppe creates a recipe, the algorithm not only considers the availability of various plants, it also enhances the nutritional value by including other sustainable ingredients. Current product availability includes NotMilk, NotHotdogs, NotChocolate and NotMayo.

NotCo_vegan-meat-and-dairy_AI_molecular-science 3

Animal agriculture uses nearly a quarter of the world’s water supply and 45 percent of available land, rendering meat and dairy production unsustainable and environmentally unsafe. By offering the public healthy and delicious food alternatives, NotCo hopes to lead a revolution toward a more Eco friendly, sustainable and healthy way of producing and consuming meat and dairy products.

So far, much of the work in food technology is focused on new methods of sustainable production, smart tech sales processes and high tech delivery systems. NotCo uses technology to recreate familiar foods into healthier and flavorful plant based products for everybody.

Website: www.thenotcompany.com
Contact: whynot@thenotcompany.com

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Don’t Let Anybody Tell You What You Can’t Do!

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