Self Folding Origami Robot Performs Several Functions

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UNICOIN | Engages Kids For Global Early Education Charity

Digital Currency Teaches Kids About Charity


Created by UNICEF and H&M Conscious Foundation, Unicoin is a crypto-currency which will engage kids and promote access to early education.

More than 200 million children around the world are deprived of access to education before they even reach the age of five. Now, Unicoin is a charitable crytocurrency, which will enable children in more privileged parts of the world to help ensure every child gets the chance to reach their full learning potential.


Children can earn a Unicoin by submitting a drawing and small piece of writing about their future dreams to the project, launched as part of a collaboration between UNICEF and H&M Conscious Foundation. Their sketch will be rewarded with one Unicoin, which will be spent on supplies for Early Childhood Development programs in underdeveloped communities. The project is part of the Global Program for Education, which H&M will donate USD 9.3 million to over the next three years. It is also informing kids in privileged parts of the world the importance of charity and education. UNICEF plan to distribute 20,000 learning packs with notebooks and pencils, each one earned by the creation of a Unicoin.

We have seen the Bitcoin model used for good before in the form of SolarCoin — a digital currency option that is backed by the production of solar energy, but Unicoin is the first to actively engage children in the project, enabling them to use their creativity to help their peers. Are there other age groups that can benefit from digital currency?


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BigBelly Trash Bins | NYC Municiple WiFi Network Pilot

Smart Bins Could Provide Citywide WiFi In NYC


Waste management company Bigbelly is piloting a scheme in New York, using their smart trash cans as vessels for a municipal WiFi network.

We have seen initiatives using everything from sidewalk slabs to city buses, that attempt to create citywide WiFi networks. Now, in New York, a waste management company called Bigbelly is piloting another solution by using smart trash containers which could collectively create widespread municipal WiFi.


BigBelly’s solar-powered garbage containers and recycling units are already fitted with Qualcomm chips, which automatically inform management when the bins are full — or smelly — via text or email. Now, BigBelly are hoping to persuade municipalities to deploy their WiFi enabled bins across their cities to provide continuous internet coverage. Since the bins are at street level, they would not be confronted with interference from the city’s tall buildings, and could also be used to display public service announcements and emergency alerts, on top of collecting valuable data for governments.

What other existing smart structures could be used to enhance connectivity?


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Byxee|Road Hazard Scanner For Bikes

Smart Device Warns Cyclists About Upcoming Road Hazards

Byxee could help cyclists conquer irregular road surfaces, by scanning the road ahead and alerting them of upcoming hazards.

We have seen an encouraging amount of schemes and devices aiming to make urban cycling a safer experience. Volvo Lifepaint is a highly reflective temporary spray aimed at making cyclists and their equipment more visible at night, while WeCycle lets cyclists track their journeys, pooling their data to create heat maps for city planners. Now, Byxee is a smart device which could help cyclists conquer the hazards created by irregular road surfaces, by scanning the road ahead and alerting them of upcoming dangers.

Byxee is a a smart safety device that attaches to the rider’s handlebars, and uses an advanced video system to spot hazards — including potholes, gratings, bumps and tarmac patches — up to 80 feet away. It does this by analyzing the shadows and contrasts created by road hazards, and provides a warning signal in the form of audible beeps to alert the cyclist in time for them to avoid them. Byxee also detects obstacles such as animals, pedestrains, moving hazards or car doors, but knows to keep silent when the cyclist is riding as part of a group.


Byxee is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, where pledgers can pre-order the device for an early bird price of USD 139 for delivery in February 2016. How else could technology be used to make roads safer for cyclists?


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Joana Almagro | Vionette Bronze Jacquard Dress

You've Gotta Give Me More !
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The District Detroit | Preview Center

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GROWbag | Recycled Billboard Vinyl Planters

growbag 2

growbag 15

What is a GROWbag?

GROWbag is a unique outdoor planter that serves only one purpose: To fit into ones life and any living space! Old billboard vinyl material that would normally be thrown away is converted into an unique range of planters – creating new life by growing plants! This vinyl is highly durable and incredibly long lasting – which makes it the perfect material for our GROWbags! Each GROWbag is handmade in Cape Town by skilled producers who pride themselves with quality work and ethics. With this project we are empowering our staff and creating jobs.

Which materials is a GROWbag made out of?

Our GROWbag planters are 100% recycled – we only use two materials to create this new generation of planters: old billboard vinyl/PVC and special wax coated polyester thread. Each planter is one of a kind in colour – the vinyl print on the outside of the bag is carefully selected, so that it creates an interesting story. Particular parts of the bag have been reinforced to ensure the best quality outdoor planters. All bags have been rigorously tested in order to make these outdoor planters durable in all weather conditions as well as to ensure that the perfect growing condition is created for any plant.

How functional is a GROWbag?

The GROWbags are light in weight, the handles provide the flexibility needed to move or carry. The side pockets allow for extra grow-space or can be used for storage of gardening utensils. The specification sheet under the Range tab shows details and drawings of each bag.

growbag 1

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4screens | Online App & Widget Development Platform

Platform Lets Broadcasters Create Content For Every Screen

Four Screens 1

4screens is an online tool for building apps and widgets, that enables businesses to produce content for multiple devices and maximize audience engagement.

The average UK home now has six internet-connected devices, and multi-screening has become the norm with consumers splitting their attention between TV and smartphone, or tablet and games console. Now, 4screens is a platform which enables content producers to create apps and content for multiple devices, so that they can interact with audiences on every screen.

4screens is an online tool for building apps and widgets, which enables businesses to adapt their content easily and maximize audience engagement. The platform — called 4screens Studio — can be used by TV and radio broadcasters, publishers, retailers or brands.


Clients can create social hubs, voting polls, chat forums and more. They can customize and adapt the tools to best suit their product and engagement strategy. For example, Polish TV show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ recently used 4screens Studio to create engagement apps which enabled their audience to vote for competitors, respond to producers’ questions and polls, and judge performances and jokes. The audience were also encouraged to judge performers’ clothing and style, which linked to an in-app promotion by youth clothing store Sizeer.

How else can companies use secondary screens to their advantage?


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VR Headset Exercise System | Virtual Reality Flying Workout

VR Exercise Machine Lets Users Fly While They Workout

exercise machine 1

Icaros is a ‘bodytainment’ system which simulates flying and utilizes VR to let users enjoy fantastical adventures while they workout.

One of the least appealing things about exercising in a gym is the unchanging scenery. We’ve seen a number of systems such as VeloReality and Virtual Active iOS which utilize virtual reality to enhance users’ exercise experience by providing realistic, changing scenery. Now, Icaros from HYVE is adding a bit of fantasy to the mix. Icaros is a ‘bodytainment’ system which combines a VR headset with a futuristic looking workout station, letting users enjoy adventures such as flying through space or deep sea diving while exercising.


To begin, users launch a PC app which runs visual environments including space, the Amazon and the depths of the ocean. They also need to connect to a smartphone app which monitors their physical movements. Next they put on a pair of VR goggles and climb aboard the exercise machine. They control their virtual experience with the movements of their body, maintaining their balance and avoiding collisions. The movements required train the user’s shoulders, abs and lateral abdominal muscles, all the while burning calories and strengthening their quick reflexes and coordination.

As reported by PSFK, HYVE have completed their first working prototype and plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign soon. What other bodytainment products could enhance users’ workouts?



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The Time For Change Is NOW!!!

Emanuel African Methodist Church Steeple, Charleston, SC | Photo: WikipediaAmerica’s History Of Racism/White Supremacy MUST END NOW!

It is not enough to debate the elimination of the symbols, celebrations and multi-level/wide spread practice of racism/white supremacy.

There must be immediate action ending the pervasive hatred, marginalization (institutional/structural racism), perpetual poverty/oppression (purposeful creation of black ghetto’s/slums), criminalization (purposeful influx of drugs and guns into black ghettos & mass incarceration of black men) and sub-standard (non-existent) public education for American blacks.

This so-called great nation was BUILT by BLACK SLAVE LABOR (FREE LABOR), without it this nation would not exist as such. The so-called white people of America should be ashamed for ignoring and perpetuating such a longstanding travesty. America must expedite a plan to eliminate it’s glaring race/hate problem and admit to it’s acceptance and perpetuation of RACISM/WHITE SUPREMACY! So-called whites (who have taken full advantage of) are not entitled to the best of everything, while the vast majority of American blacks perpetually suffer in ignorance and poverty.

The domestic terror attack and mass murder of 9 black individuals at the historic Mother Emanuel AME church bible study is just one of many glaring examples of what racism/white supremacy perpetuates. This heinous act, is but one, in a long line of HATE CRIMES toward American blacks throughout the history of this nation.


The New Black Panther Party & over 150 others march at Emanuel AME church.

The New Black Panther Party & over 150 others march at Emanuel AME church.

Help Charleston Heal From Church Massacre | CNN

Emanuel AME Church Steeple Photo Source | Wikipedia

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