SwipeCast | Agency Free Model Casting App

App For The Modeling Industry Bypasses Agencies


Swipecast is an app that connects modeling professionals directly with clients, sidestepping agencies altogether.

We are seeing the emergence of an industry based around reducing the need for a middlemen. The latest such example is Swipecast, an app that connects modeling professionals — including models, photographers and stylists — directly with clients, sidestepping the traditional business model of agencies altogether.


The modeling industry has already been somewhat transformed by social media — Instagram in particular, enables professional or amateur models and creatives to market themselves online and grab the attention of both the public and potential clients. Now, Swipecast aims to democratize the industry further by providing a platform dedicated to communication and booking facilities. To begin, users create a profile with photographs, personal description and details of any campaigns they have already been used in. Then, bookers can search the database, browse portfolios and get in touch with interesting users via in-app communication tools. They can make booking requests, finalize arrangements and organize payment through the app.

Swipecast takes a ten percent cut of any booking made through the platform, which is significantly lower than agencies who usually take approximately 40 percent. Models who are already on an agents’ books can still use the platform and direct clients to their agent, or use it to book small gigs that would usually be passed over. Could a similar platform be used for booking other professionals, too?

Website: www.swipecast.com
Contact: investors@swipecast.com

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Biometric Nose Clip | First Response Monitor

Biometric Clip Monitors Patients’ Vitals In Emergencies

Bio Clip 1

The First Response Monitor is a wearable device that can monitor patients’ heart and respiratory rates in mass-casualty emergencies.

In a mass-casualty situation, first responders often have to monitor dozens of injured people at once, to make sure information about each patient’s vitals is readily available. Previously, medics would have to take measurements repeatedly — a hugely time-consuming manual task that prevented them from administering emergency care. Now, the First Response Monitor, created by Cambridge Design Partnership, is a wearable device that can take over the task, monitoring patients’ heart rate and respiratory rate, providing medics with data on-demand.

The compact biometric device clips onto the patient’s nose and constantly monitors both heart rate and breathing rate. Measurements are displayed both on the wearable and on a paired device, which receives the data via Bluetooth. Medics can also access data graphs that show how the patient’s condition has changed over time. Respiratory rate has, until now, been largely neglected by previous wearable monitors, but it can — in combination with other information — provide indications of life-threatening conditions such as sepsis.

Bio Clip 2

What other monitoring equipment could be adapted for field work?

Website: www.cambridge-design.co.uk
Contact: hello@cambridge-design.co.uk

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ArcelorMittal | Will Create Renewable Energy From Carbon Emmissions

Steel Plant Will Convert Harmful Byproducts Into Renewable Energy


ArcelorMittal is launching a scheme at their Ghent plant, which will convert the damaging byproducts — CO and CO2 — into ethanol.

ArcelorMittal — the world’s largest steel company — produced 93.1 million tons of steel in 2014, generating a problematic amount of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. But now, the company is launching a pilot scheme at their Ghent plant in partnership with bio-engineering organization LanzaTech, which will convert this waste product into useful ethanol, using a microbe originally found in rabbits’ guts.

LanzaTech’s system captures carbon monoxide using a customized clostridium microbe and converts it into bio-ethanol, which can be sold to power cars and airplanes. The scheme is expected to cost EUR 87 million, but if successful the plant could eventually produce 47,000 tons of ethanol a year, and would potentially lead to the system being utilized in all of the company’s factories. ArcelorMittal are not the first corporation to experiment with turning a polluting byproduct into a financial asset: we recently wrote about United Airline’s new bio-fuel made from household trash. Both schemes could benefit the companies financially, as well as the environment with its renewable energy alternatives. Construction is expected to begin in 2017. What other waste products could be transformed in this way?

Website: www.arcelormittal.com
Contact: info.gent@arcelormittal.com

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EchoPixel | 3D Rendered VR Organs for Surgical Accuracy

Doctors will soon be able to study 3D-rendered organs in VR before operations


EchoPixel will use information from medical imaging to produce 3D virtual reality organs, which doctors can explore before surgery.

Doctors currently rely on flat images from CT and MRI scans for pre-op information about patient’s organs. Now, however, health tech startup EchoPixel is planning to use the information garnered from current medical imaging technology to produce 3D virtual reality organs, which doctors can explore and inspect before beginning surgery.

EchoPixel uses the images which are already being gathered during medical imaging processes to create 3D-rendered body parts. These floating masses can then be examined via a VR platform called zSpace. Doctors can rotate and dissect the images of organs, including the brain and the heart, using a stylus. They can even examine a colon via a simulated fly-through.


EchoPixel hope their technology will help doctors gain an enhanced understanding of the intricacies of each organ, and enable them to go into surgery well-rehearsed. It can also be used by medical students as a supplementary learning tool. Could this combined technology be used in other industries too — such as mechanics or construction?

Website: www.echopixeltech.com
Contact: www.echopixeltech.com/contact-us

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HandUp | Product & Service Gift Card For Homeless People

Gift Cards For Homeless People Provide Access To Vital Services


HandUp gift cards can be given to a homeless person in need, and redeemed at a local drop-in center to buy food, clothing and transport.

Passing a homeless person on the street often stirs up an instinctual desire to help, but handing over a cash donation is not always the most positive action, since the money will only provide a very short term solution. We have seen a number of initiatives offering alternative ways to help — such as the WeShelter app, which informs outreach teams about homeless people in need and simultaneously unlocks donations from corporate sponsors. Now, HandUp gift cards are another such tool — enabling citizens to provide those in need with access to the food and products they need, as well as connecting them to services and resources to help get them off the street.

HandUp is a public benefit company that organizes crowdfunding for homeless people. Those in need can sign up to the community, and team members help them to decide upon specific goals. In the past recipients have raised money for things such as dental work, a mattress or a laptop for schoolwork. HandUp gift cards are a new tool, which the company recently launched in San Francisco. The cards — which have a value of USD 25 — can be bought in advance by residents and then handed to a homeless neighbor on the street. The card directs the recipient to a local drop-in center, where they can redeem it to purchase food, clothing and transportation. They will also get access to the vital homeless services.


Google is currently matching all gift card purchases, meaning donors receive two cards for USD 25. Donors can also request that HandUp distribute the cards they purchase. Could other charitable donations be managed in this way?

Website: www.handup.org/giftcards
Contact: info@handup.org

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PHYSICLO | Resistance Exercise Garments

Fitness Wear Uses Inbuilt Resistance To Improve Workouts


Physiclo is a line of fitness wear with built-in resistance that can help wearers achieve significantly more from the same exercise regime.

Even the most dedicated fitness fanatic has days when they can’t workout for as long as they’d like. Now,Physiclo — previously known as Rxactive — is a line of fitness wear with built-in resistance that can help wearers achieve significantly more from the same exercise regime — including increased muscle activation and more calories burned.

Physiclo garments — users can currently choose from leggings or shorts — feature power mesh panels that generate extra resistance by counteracting the motions of the wearer. This increases the wearers heart rate and helps them burn up to 14 percent more calories, as well as increasing the workout of their key leg muscle groups — the hamstrings, quads and glutes — by up to 23 percent. The garments are made from breathable anti-microbial fabric, and are machine washable.


Physiclo is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo where backers can preorder shorts or leggings from USD 89. How else could fitness clothing be used to improve performance?

Website: www.physiclo.com
Contact: community@rxactive.co

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IOSSELLIANI | Stacked Gunmetal & Black Zircon Cocktail Ring

You've Got Me Dreamin'


IOSSELLIANI All That Jewelry! Stacked Ring - Black

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MOOV NOW | Wearable Personal Trainer

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PaperJohn | Grocery Bag Backpacks

Cycle-Friendly, Biodegradable Paper Backpack For Groceries

paperjohn-640x350 2

PaperJohn is a biodegradable backpack made from recycled paper, which encourages cyclists by accommodating their movement.

One million plastic bags are used every minute, contributing massively to pollution through both their production and disposal. Many countries have introduced incentives to encourage the use of reusable bags, but despite their best intentions, the average shopper is prone to forget them at least some of the time. Offering a solution is the PaperJohn, a biodegradable backpack made from 100 percent recycled paper — which can be worn on the back, enabling people to cycle to the store and avoid plastic bags altogether.

From Germany, the PaperJohn — made by Ogata — can carry more groceries than the average paper bag, since it is made with higher density paper. It is 320 x 170 x 450mm, and features shoulder straps. The raw material comes from renewable wood, avoiding precious resources such as oil or food, and Ogata plan to manufacture the product in one of Germany’s neighboring countries, to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation. The bag can even be branded with logos or advertisements at very low costs.


Stores will be hopefully able to offer this eco-friendly alternative soon: a crowdfunding campaign is set to launch next month. How else could customers be encouraged to make their shopping trips more environmentally friendly?

Website: www.paperjohn.de
Contact: office@paperjohn.de

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JAR | Fingertip Password Security

Hack-Proof Biometric Device Could Replace Passwords

jar 1

JAR is a personal biometric crypto-key, which uses the customer’s fingertip as their password for every login and registration.

The sheer number of passwords needed to protect online accounts means that one inevitably gets forgotten every now and then. But a new device called JAR, developed by the German startup of the same name, could put an end to this traumatic process of account retrieval, by replacing passwords altogether.


JAR is a personal biometric crypto-key that uses the customer’s finger tip as their password for every login and registration. Boasting 100 percent security, it would take a hacker 6 quadrillion years to access the user’s data. The device comes in the form of a touch sensitive button, which plugs into smartphones and laptops via the audio jack. It can easily be attached to a keyring and can be replaced if lost without any longterm disruption to users’ accounts. JAR will not store or access any of the data protected by its device and plan to make the software completely open source.


In the past decade the number of stolen personal datasets and the global annual damage resulting from cyber attacks has increased massively. JAR hopes to change this by reducing the possibility of compromised accounts and password leaks. JAR is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter where backers can pre-order the device for an early bird price of USD 69, for delivery in January 2016. How else could the digital world be made safer using biometric technology?

Website: www.yourjar.de
Contact: www.twitter.com/your_jar

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