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Qcut | Custom Fit Jeans

Jeansmaker Offers 400 Different Sizes To Fit All Women

qcut jeans

Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Qcut creates perfectly-fitting pairs of jeans with just 5 measurements.

The problem with mass production is that almost every consumer has experienced heading into a shop or ordering online to find the item they want doesn’t fit them quite right. All of our bodies are different, but not everyone can afford tailored clothes. We’ve already seen startups such as Stantt and Threadmason replace S/M/L sizes with up to 50 options for men’s shirts. Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, Qcut wants to do the same for women’s jeans, creating perfectly-fitting pairs with just 5 measurements.

qcut jeans2Typical jeans ranges come in set waist sizes and a choice of small, medium or large leg lengths. To make sure that its jeans really do fit perfectly, Qcut takes 5 measurements from each customers — height, weight, shoe size, typical jeans size and bra size. There’s also a short survey about the problem customers usually have when they buy a pair of factory made jeans. All of these factors then go into an algorithm which tells Qcut the exact style and cut that would best fit each individual customer, based on data already collected by the company.

This process was developed by Gerald Ruderman, who was initially hired by Levi Strauss to create a made-to-order system but decided to strike out with a new startup instead. It means that the company has more than 400 different options to deliver to customers, rather than a handful of cookie-cutter designs. Turnaround is usually a couple of weeks, but the team is hoping to open its own factory in the US to cut delivery time down to a few days.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Qcut works:

The campaign runs until 3 December, and backers can pre-order a pair of Qcut jeans from USD 110 until then. Are there other ways to use new technologies to quickly ‘mass customize’ fashion items such as jeans?

Kickstarter: www.kck.st/1xfWNLC
Website: www.qcut.co
Contact: www.twitter.com/skinny

Source | http://www.springwise.com/

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PRYNT | Smartphone Polaroid Camera Case

Case Turns Smartphones Into A Polaroid Camera

smartphone polaroid

Prynt is a smartphone case that lets users turn any digital snap into a physical copy in under a minute.

In 2008, Polaroid announced that it was to shut down all manufacture of its instant film, shutting down 3 factories and citing continuing drops in sales for physical film. Nostalgia is a powerful thing, however, and group of Dutch creatives are already using Polaroid’s machines to bring the film back through the Impossible Project. In more recent years, platforms such as Instagram have popularized photography again, and we’ve even seen ideas such as Instaprint print out real-time photo feeds as physical photographs. Now Prynt is a smartphone case that lets users turn any digital snap into a physical copy in under a minute.

Hailing from France, the startup has created a case that simply snaps onto an iPhone 6 or Android device with a 4.7-inch screen. Currently still in its prototype phase, the idea is that users select the photo they want to print from their phone — whether it’s just been taken or an old one they want to keep — and instantly print it. The case connects to the phone via Bluetooth and prints by heating ink-filled paper loaded into it. At the moment, it takes around 50 seconds to print but the team hope to add a Lightning connector for Apple devices to bring this time down to 30 seconds. It will also eventually be able to hold between 10 and 30 pieces of photographic film.

Although the bulkiness of the case and the printing capabilities make it feel like an old piece of tech, Prynt has also incorporated an augmented reality element to each print. When taking a photo through the Prynt app, a small video clip is filmed at the same time and uploaded to the cloud. Anyone can then hold the physical photo in front of their smartphone camera and view the video using AR, much like a tangible Snapchat.

The Prynt team aim to launch the product on Kickstarter in the coming months, at a price of USD 99. Are there other ways to satisfy consumer desire for digital experiences they can touch?

Website: www.pryntcases.com
Contact: contact@pryntcases.com

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The Belt | Public Art Gallery Downtown Detroit

Check out a brief article and another video wherein the school children speak at MLive.com.

Source | detroit.curbed.com

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Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4 | Plug in Hybrid

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NIXIE | Wearable Drone Camera

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Geneu | Personalized DNA Anti-Aging Skin Care System

Anti-Aging Skincare Products Personalized With DNA Analysis


The UK’s Geneu has developed U+, a system that uses in-store gene analysis to tailor skincare to each customer’s DNA.

Different people see different effects from anti-aging products, because our bodies don’t react to chemicals in the same way. France-based Personal Cell Services has already made moves to individualize skincare by incorporating consumers’ own stem cells into its products. Now the UK’s Geneu has developed U+, a system that uses in-store gene analysis to tailor skincare to each customer’s DNA.

One of the reasons that people react differently to chemical products is that around 0.1 percent of our is unique to us. Founded by Chris Toumazou — who is also chief scientist at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Imperial College London — Geneu has created a microchip that is able to analyze human DNA and locate these discrepancies, similar to the proprietary devices that healthcare professionals have been using for the last two decades or so. Bringing this medical-grade technology into the consumer sector, customers arriving at Geneu first take a swab sample for analysis. Instead of being sent off to a lab for weeks, the microchip is able to pull up the relevant data in a matter of minutes. The genetic information is then used to create a personalized beauty regime with a higher guarantee of working.

Watch the videos below, which explains the science behind the service:

The service comes at the hefty price tag of GBP 600 for the analysis and two personalized serums, but the technology helps offer a product that is truly tailored to customers’ own genetic makeup. Are there other ways that DNA could be used to personalize products for consumers?

Website: www.geneu.com
Contact: info@geneu.com
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Bluesmart | Smart Tech Suitcase

This Truly Smart Suitcase Could End Airport Headaches


Currently seeking funding through Indiegogo, Bluesmart is a truly intelligent suitcase with digital locking, location tracking, and self-weighing capabilities.

Aside from getting you from A to B in the shortest time possible, airlines can often seem like they’re working to annoy travelers as much as possible, and never more so than when it comes to luggage. Regular travelers will be all too familiar with oversize fees, lost bags or the TSA rummaging through their belongings. Innovations such as the hop! suitcase have enabled passengers to keep track of their luggage, and even get it to follow them automatically. But a new Indiegogo campaign called Bluesmart is now offering a truly intelligent suitcase with digital locking, location tracking, and self-weighing capabilities.

The carry-on suitcase comes equipped with a range of features that aim to make planebluesmart 2 trips a little easier. After connecting it to the companion smartphone app, users can securely lock and unlock it using their device. Only those with the smartphone will be able to open it, although owners can decide to pass on the code to give access to their fellow travelers. It also automatically locks when it moves a preset distance out of the range of its owner.

Before arriving at the airport, passengers can check that they’re not going to be charged for extra weight by using the built-in scale. Users simply pull the handle of the Bluesmart suitcase and the app will display its exact weight.

A GPS locators enables owners to ensure their suitcase has arrived with them when they land, and will let them know where it is if not. Using the same function, owners can also track their travel history through the app, which details the locations they’ve visited. Finally, owners can also charge your phone up to 6 times through the built-in battery.

Watch the video below to see the Bluesmart suitcase in action:

The Bluesmart Indiegogo campaign has already reached more than 10 times its original funding target of USD 50,000, but backers can still pre-order the suitcase from USD 235 until the campaign ends on 24 November. Are there more products that can become much more useful with the addition of new technology?

Indiegogo: www.igg.me/at/bluesmart
Website: www.bluesmart.myshopify.com
Contact: contact@bluesmart.com

Trendspotter | Katharina Keick
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PIRATE3D | 3D Print Models From Photos

Project 3D prints photographs to keep memories alive for the blind


Singapore’s PIRATE3D has used 3D printed models as a memory aid for blind people, enabling them to feel moments from their past.

The world is becoming an increasingly visual one thanks to the advent of computers and touchscreen displays, which are now embedded into our daily lives. For people without vision, their environment is one that needs to be heard and felt, meaning that core aspects of life are becoming closed off. We recently wrote about theJapanese government’s project to 3D print contoured maps for the blind, demonstrating how new tech can actually benefit those with sight problems. Now Singapore’s PIRATE3D is hoping to use 3D printed models as a memory aid for blind people, enabling them to feel moments from their past.

In order to advertise its Buccaneer 3D printer, the company created an experiment called Touchable Memories. Developed by creative agency LOLA, the project worked with 5 participants with visual impairments and asked them to talk about a personal memory of something important in their life. The responses ranged from childhood moments to album covers, to a single shot of film made by a now-blind director of photography. PIRATE3D then used software and a 3D printer to render old photographs and artwork in 3D.

Watch the reactions from the participants below:

Although Touching Memories was created primarily as a promotion for PIRATE3D, the project shows how 3D printing can have an incredible effect in opening up experiences for those without sight. Are there ways in which the technology could be used in other ways, perhaps to help those with Alzheimer’s or dementia?

Website: www.pirate3d.com
Contact: contact@pirate3d.com
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John Varvatos Store | Detroit

Wright Kay Building, Woodward Avenue, Downtown Detroit


Schwankovsky Temple of Music, 1879-1910

Photo Courtesy of The Detroit Public Library, Burton Historical Collection

Check out an article about John Varvatos and his new store at Haute is Magazine here.
Learn more about the Schwankovsky Temple of Music here.
Photo Credits | Detroit Public Library, Burton Historical Collection, Google Maps, Haute is Magazine

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