Eat Clean in 2015

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RACE can Only be defined as a Human Being

C. Rae White:

I Love The Truth!

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Toni Morrison Breaks Down The Reality Of Race On The Colbert Report

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The David Whitney Building | Detroit


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No More Ruin Porn Fodder!

The David Whitney Building has been brought back to life!  See more photos here.

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Kinematics 3D Printed Dress | Nervous System Designs


From The Nervous System Website:

Nervous System is a generative design studio that works at the intersection of science, art, and technology. We create using a novel process that employs computer simulation to generate designs and digital fabrication to realize products. Drawing inspiration from natural phenomena, we write computer programs based on processes and patterns found in nature and use those programs to create unique and affordable art, jewelry, and housewares.


Kinematics Cloth app from Nervous System on Vimeo.

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Photos Courtesy of Nervous System Designs

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Christmas Gift Wishes 2014

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Panic Button App | Depression Help Alert For Teens

Panic Button App Helps Teens With Depression Reach Out For Support


Code Blue is an app that acts as a simple panic button for teenagers when they need the help of a loved one.

Depression is a hard issue for anyone to talk about, let alone teenagers. If they’re suffering from mental health issues, they may feel embarrassed about reaching out or unable to articulate what’s going on in their head. We recently wrote about Ask Amy, the platform that makes politics easier to talk about through texting. Now Code Blue is an app that acts as a simple panic button when they need the help of a loved one.

Out of the 350 million people worldwide living with depression, a sizeable proportion of those will be teenagers and young people suffering from bullying or mental health issues. But while their friends and family are the ones that could provide the best support, they can be the most difficult to speak to about their problems. Developed by New Zealand’s SocialCode, Code Blue lets teens enter in the contact details of those aware of their depression so they can easily notify them when they’re feeling bad, or even suicidal.

At any point, the app can be used to send a quick alert to any of the support group contacts. Users don’t have to compose a text to explain themselves or collect their thoughts before making a phone call. They simply press a button and a message is automatically sent, along with GPS location details if the user wishes. Family and friends can then initiate a text, call or face-to-face visit to make sure they’re ok and give them the support they need.

Watch the video below to learn more about the app:

Code Blue uses technology teens are most comfortable with to get their message across to loved ones without offering a barrier to communication. Are there other ways to use smartphones so kids can open up about other aspects of life without the pressure of a formal conversation?


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WSU Physician Group, Ambulatory Care Center | Detroit


This Wayne State University project will replace the former Professional Plaza complex located on Woodward Avenue in Midtown Detroit.  See photos of the current construction progress here.

Rendering | Neumann/Smith
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Tinitell | Child Tracking Wrist Phone

Wearable Phone For Young Kids Straps Onto Their Wrists


Sweden-based Tinitell is a wearable, voice-controlled phone for kids that are too young to own a smartphone.

One of parents’ biggest fears is not knowing what their children are getting up to, but they also don’t want to end up smothering them. We’ve already written aboutFiLIP, the watch-sized communicator that helps parents stay connected to kids. Now Sweden-based Tinitell is a wearable, voice-controlled phone for kids that are too young to own a smartphone.

Self-described as the “world’s smallest mobile phone”, the device looks much like a wristwatch, except that it has no display. Instead, it comes equipped with a mic, speaker and SIM card slot, as well as a small CPU that turns it into a useable phone. Parents first connect it to their smartphone via Bluetooth to load numbers onto it as well as register it with their device. Kids can then simply press the button on their Tinitell’s face and say the name of the person they want to call. They can also receive calls through the device, but only from the numbers loaded by their parent. Parents can track the location of their child on their smartphone, as well as see a calling list.

Watch the video below, taken from the company’s successful Kickstarter campaign:

Tinitell offers functionality that connects parents with their children in an uncomplicated way, without any distrcting features. The devices come in 4 different colors — Aqua, Indigo, Charcoal and Coral — and currently cost USD 129. Could this kind of tracking capability be developed for older kids, who might want something more than just a phone on their wrists?


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thanx | Consumer Loyalty Point Program

Service Offers Loyalty Points Without All The Cards


Thanx enables consumers to collect loyalty points by simply registering their existing credit card.

Loyalty cards can be more annoying than they are useful, taking up vital real estate in already-bulging wallets and requiring shoppers make sure they swipe at the checkout. We recently wrote about Plastc, which lets consumers merge all of their cards into one smart card. Now Thanx enables consumers to collect loyalty points by simply registering their existing credit card.

Thanx customers can sign up to their favorite loyalty schemes by registering their credit or debit card numbers through the platform. Instead of providing consumers with a separate card for each loyalty account, Thanx gets computer systems to simply link the credit card number automatically to multiple accounts. This means that points are automatically earned whenever consumers shop at Thanx’s partner stores, without any extra process of finding and handing over cards, coupons and ‘buy 10 get one free’ stamp sheets.

The service comes with a free mobile and web app that lets users track their spending and rewards. It currently works with Visa, MasterCard, Amex and other credit card providers, and Thanx has already teamed up with a range of popular merchants.

Retailers on the other hand need no new equipment or software to set up, as it works automatically. They also get an analytics dashboard to better understand their customers.

Are there other ways to make loyalty schemes more intuitive and seamless?


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Sharetribe | Internet Peer-to-Peer Marketplace

Platform Lets Anyone Set-up An Online Marketplace In 48 Seconds


Sharetribe helps businesses get their own online marketplace up and running without any coding.

The concept of peer-to-peer marketplaces has exploded in the past decade thanks to platforms such as eBay, Etsy and Airbnb. But their success has relied on feature-rich web tools that regular small businesses simply couldn’t afford to build themselves. While we’ve recently seen The Grid offer instant website design using artificial intelligence, Sharetribe is now helping businesses get their own online marketplace up and running without any coding.

For businesses that need to let their users sell or swap goods, rent out their bike or car, or find someone to walk their dog, it can be expensive and timely to hire a developer to build the platform. Sharetribe promises that its set up process takes just 48 seconds, with businesses able to customize the features as they wish.

The platform supports different types of marketplaces, offering visual listings, categorization and browse filters, storefronts and member profiles, merchant-buyer messaging and language and currency options. Each marketplace can be completely customized to reflect the business’s brand and comes with the ability to integrate with social media.

Watch the video below to learn more about Sharetribe:

Sharetribe helps businesses to offer a new feature for their existing communities or quickly set up a marketplace to start competing in the new sharing economy. Packages start at USD 39 a month for sites with up to 300 members. Are there other types of ecommerce platforms that could be made easier for entrepreneurs with limited coding skills, money or time?


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