Dress To Kill Magazine | Jungle Fever Shoot Summer 2014

Black Girls ROCK! | Heri­eth Paul

Love Yourself !

Dress To Kill Magazine 1 Dress To Kill Magazine 2 Dress To Kill Magazine 3 Dress To Kill Magazine 4 Dress To Kill Magazine 5
Pho­tog­ra­phy, Gabor Jurina.
Styling, Cary Tauben at Folio.
Photo Assis­tant, Daniel Bray.
Hair, Cody Alain at P1M using Treseme Hair Care.
Makeup, Sab­rina Rinaldi at P1M using M.A.C. Cos­met­ics.
Prop Styl­ist, Suzanne Cam­pos at Plutino.
Retoucher, Isabelle Dubois of ID Imag­ing ltd.
Mod­el, Heri­eth Paul at Folio.

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Herieth Paul at Models.com
Herieth Paul Wikipedia Profile
Herieth Paul at Women Management

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In Cabin Projection Displays Real-time Panoramic Outside Views

IXION Windowless Jet Concept from Technicon Design – France on Vimeo.


Source | http://www.psfk.com/

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The Love Project |3D Printed Emotions



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Chinese Fruit Molding and Etching

Cute and Wacky Fruit Molds

This technique is not new, but it looks like they’ve taken it to another level of creativity.

Source | http://www.fruitmould.com/

via | http://www.notcot.org/

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FoodTweeks App Aids Weight Loss & Food Bank Donation

Micro meal recommendations help drop calories and fight national hunger

foodtweeks, smartphone app

FoodTweeks is an app that gives users small suggestions to tweak their diet, with each calorie cut rewarded with support for local food banks.

Many people in the US are looking for ways in which they can lose weight at the same time that others struggle to get access to or afford food. Schemes such as Halfsieshave already joined the two together with half-size restaurant portions matched with donations to charity. Now FoodTweeks is an app that gives users small suggestions to tweak their diet, with each calorie cut rewarded with support for local food banks.

Losing weight is simple in principle — either cut down calories taken in through meals and snacks, or increase the calories lost through exercise. However, in reality it’s much harder. FoodTweeks lets users search for the food they’re about to cook or order and offers small changes that will contribute to calorie loss. For example, if they’re cooking some pasta, the app will recommend perhaps refraining from sprinkling parmesan on the top. If they’re buying a Big Mac, it may suggest they order it without the middle bun. Over time, these small changes could help reduce calorie intake and keep users healthy while enabling them to enjoy the foods they like.

The app makes a record of the calories it’s saved its users and matches the number with donations in the form of food to local food banks. FoodTweeks is partnered with food banks from 44 different locations around the US.

The app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. Are there other ways to encourage people to consume less so the underpriveleged can have more?

Website: www.foodtweeks.com
Contact: www.foodtweeks.com/contact-us.html

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Selfie Mirror With Smartphone App

Selfie Mirror Sends Photos To Your Phone

pixglass selfie mirror

France-based Pixglass has created a camera-enabled mirror that digitally captures whatever is in front of it.

Trying on clothes in the changing rooms always gives a better idea of whether an item is a good fit, but sourcing advice from friends isn’t easy if they’re not there to see it in person. While we’ve already seen Amsterdam’s Karl Lagerfeld Store has already used changing room tablets to enable shoppers to snap their new look and share it with friends, France-based Pixglass now wants to make the process easier, with a camera-enabled mirror that digitally captures whatever is in front of it.

The system uses a one-way sheet of glass with a mirror on one side, concealing the camera on the other side. Users can connect their mobile device to the mirror using wifi and control it with the Pixglass app. The camera is capable of taking photos, panoramas, photo bursts and video in a variety of aspect ratios chosen by the user. When they’ve finished, the photos and videos are saved to their device.

Rather than relying on someone else to take a photo or relying on awkward selfie angles, Pixglass replicates pretty much exactly what’s reflected in the mirror. This means the mirror acts as a kind of photo ‘preview’, giving users more control over the final image. The mirror could be installed in changing rooms, enabling shoppers to instantly take a photo of their outfit and share it with friends, or also at event functions, allowing groups to take a photo without leaving anyone out.

Watch the video below (in French) to find out more about Pixglass:

Obviously, there are privacy concerns involved with the system, most notably how the photos and video are stored once they’ve been captured. It remains to be seen how Pixglass will overcome these issues, but the technology is currently being trialed in various locations around Paris. Are there other ways to integrate technology into otherwise ‘dumb’ objects?

Website: www.pixglass.com
Contact: contact@dactyle.com

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Royal Native | Queen Bee Shorts

Cool Girl

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Kala Schrager | Polyvore Art

Check out the amazing art of Kala Schrager on polyvore.com.

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Forage | Prepared Ingredients Delivery

Pre-prepped ingredients delivered to the door help anyone make their favorite restaurant dishes at home


Forage turns home cooks into pro chefs by providing all of the ingredients needed to make dishes culled from the menus of top US restaurants.

Cooking a good meal can take up far too much of the little time most people have, a fact that contributes to the huge amounts of money that the average consumer spends on eating out each year. While services such as Brazil’s Gulala have aimed to make things easier with 24-hour delivery of ingredients for meals, Forage turns home cooks into pro chefs by providing all of the ingredients needed to make dishes culled from the menus of top US restaurants.

Rather than heading out of the house to join the queues waiting to get a seat at venues such as Alta in New York or San Francisco’s Dosa, Forage has curated a selection of some of the most popular dishes from those restaurants. Using recipes created by pro chefs, the service enables members to receive all of the ingredients they need to make famous dishes, pre-prepared. More difficult parts of the recipe, such as making rich sauces or finely chopping ingredients, are already done by the Forage team to chef specifications. Since most of the work is already done for them, cooks can serve up in around 20 minutes, quicker than the average takeaway delivery. Each meal kit costs USD 60 and contains enough ingredients for 4 people — essentially USD 15 a head. Deliveries are made once a week, but subscribers can choose to roll the charge over if they don’t feel like cooking one week.

Forage has already received angel investment from big names such as Twitter founder and Medium CEO Evan Williams and Whole Foods board member Hass Hassan. Initially available in Los Angeles and San Francisco, it plans to expand to eight states throughout 2014. Can services such as these really help home cooks to make restaurant-standard dishes at home?

Website: www.forage.co
Contact: info@forage.co

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Grolsch Beer | Promotional App Unlocks Free Online Movies

Beer Bottle Tap Unlocks Free Online Movies


Dutch beer brand Grolsch’s Movie Unlocker service gives customers free access to on-demand video with just a clink of their bottle.

Combining product purchases with free promotional gifts can sometimes be more hassle than it’s worth — often requiring consumers to collect and send off coupons or enter a code online and hope someone else hasn’t already got there first. Now Dutch beer brand Grolsch wants to make enjoying a lager with a film easier, with it’s Movie Unlocker service that gives customers free access to on-demand video with a clink of their bottle.

Developed by Russian creative agency Heads and Hands, the campaign does away with manual codes and coupons and uses the physical beer bottle to unlock digital content. On each of the special bottles created for the marketing stunt is a Bluetooth beacon, located on the underside of the cap. When the bottle is cracked open, a code stored on the device is verified, giving users access to view one of a range of videos available on the Movie Unlocker site. After they’ve chosen a film, they simply tap the bottle to their device — whether it’s a laptop, tablet or smartphone — and the content is wirelessly unlocked for a one-time viewing.

The campaign adds a seamless but tangible element to gifting digital content, requiring consumers to enjoy a beer alongside their chosen film. If they want to watch another movie, all they have to do is crack open another beer.



Although the service is a campaign to promote Grolsch beer, the technology used for the initiative could be adopted by other companies who want to seamlessly link their online and offline products and give their customers something extra. Are there use cases for this kind of user interaction in your industry?

Website: www.movieunlocker.com
Contact: hello@handh.ru

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