Babybe | Haptic Nurturing Mattress For Premature Babies

For premature babies, haptic mattress helps them feel their mother’s heartbeat


Babybe is a system that translates mothers’ heartbeats into haptic feedback for premature babies isolated inside ICU.

Around 15 million premature babies are born every year, and many of those need to spend at least the first weeks of their lives in isolation before they can go home with their parents. However, during this time they lose the vital physical and emotional connection with their mother, who is often limited to one hour of holding time a day. Platforms such as BabyTime, which uses Apple’s FaceTime system to visually connect mothers with their newborns, have previously tried to tackle this disconnection. Now, Babybe is a system that translates mothers’ heartbeats into haptic feedback for the baby inside the ICU.

According to the team behind the innovation, a mother’s touch and movement is vital for making babies’ post-natal experience less stressful, and can even stimulate growth and brain development. Designed for those with premature babies, Babybe consists of 3 parts. The first part is called the turtle — a sensor-filled cushion that can track the mother’s heartbeat, chest movements and breathing when they hold it to their chest. The device connects to a bionic mattress, which is placed inside the ICU and emulates the tactile sensations being registered by the turtle. The mattress is made of a high tech gel material that imitates real skin. There’s also a control module that collects all the data from the turtle. This information can even be used to control music, delivering a personalized audio therapy to the baby based on their mother’s movements.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Babybe system:

BABYBE, Be with your Baby from camilo anabalon on Vimeo.

Striving to connect mothers and babies at such an important stage of development, BabyBe uses technology to enable a form of interaction that’s otherwise not possible. Could similar technology be used to close the gap between parents and children who live away from each other, for example?

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Smartphone App Aids Food Bank Donations

Food Cowboy locates nearby food banks to take unsaleable produce


Food Cowboy is a system that helps those in the food supply chain to find local nonprofits that can use the food they’re throwing away.

Every three weeks, the US throws away the same amount of unused produce that is donated to food banks in 12 months. That’s 11 months and 1 week of food that could go to charities, but ends up in landfill instead. Aiming to change this, Food Cowboy is a system that helps those in the food supply chain to find local nonprofits that can use the food they’re throwing away.

Developed as both a web and mobile app, the system can be used by anyone involved in the production, delivery and retail of food, whether it’s farmers, truckers, supermarkets, restaurants, or even consumers. The service essentially acts as a bulletin board for advertising produce that’s about to be thrown away. For example, if a pallet of tomatoes gets slightly damaged during delivery, warehouse managers or drivers can post a message on Food Cowboy describing the quality of the goods, why they’re no longer using them, their current location and the route they’ll be taking them if they’re not picked up at the depot. Nearby food banks can then notify the poster that they’re happy to take them and drivers can confirm that they’re happy to drop them off on the way to their original destination.

Food Cowboy automatically sends an electronic receipt of the donation upon delivery, enabling companies to take advantage of tax relief for their kindness, and potentially even a positive review on social media.

Much like Australia’s RipeNearMe, which lets anyone find excess food from local producers at exactly the right time, Food Cowboy could help avoid food that’s good to eat from being thrown away for cosmetic or logistical reasons. How else can food waste be tackled?


Photo Credit | U. S. Department of Agriculture
Trendspotter | Murray Orange
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McQ By Alexander McQueen |Cropped Denim Jacket

American Girl


McQ Alexander McQueen Women's Cropped Denim Jacket - Indigo

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Sorel MEDINA II | Water Proof Ankle Boots


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Ritot | Projection Wrist Watch

Ritot | The First Projection Watch

The Ritot is inspired by future technologies, encompassing an easy-to-use original and very fashionable design. This technical innovation caters to those who use internet technology to organize and inform their busy lives.

From INDEGOGO/Ritot:

The uniqueness of the technology lies in pico projector; it allows projecting a dial with high quality graphics and brightness. The watch has one touch sensitive button that manipulates the projection.

Currently we don’t have a fully working prototype, the photos in campaign are computer renderings of what we envision the device to look like. The watch is set up and charged on a special base that comes with the watch.

Ritot will help you to stay on top of things with vibrating notifications, messages and alerts. Dismiss a notification with a shake of your wrist. You can set notifications in the Ritot smartphone app. All notifications are easy to set, turn on and off.

  • Incoming Caller ID
  • Text messages
  • Reminders
  • Emails
  • Calendar Alerts
  • Facebook Messages
  • Twitter
  • Weather Alerts
  • Silent vibrating alarm and timer
  • Notifications for any other Apps

Ritot Watch by Ivan Powell and Paul Smith9


  • Ritot has special projection technology which allows for day and night usage
  • You may change the projection color in one click. There are more than 20 colors available
  • Our projection technology is absolutely safe for your skin and health
  • There are two ways to activate projection: either touch the button or just shake your hand and the projection disappears in 10 seconds
  • Ritot has extended operation life and is waterproof
  • Sized for any hand
  • Unisex design
  • 24 or 12 hour time display mode
  • Changeable view for left or right hand.

Source | indiegogo


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Robes et Femmes | Enrico Sacchetti

Robes et Femmes, 1913

From the Smithsonian Libraries:

Robes et Femmes, [was] published in 1913 by the Italian designer  Enrico Sacchetti (1877-1967). He was an illustrator, writer,  fashion designer, caricaturist and commercial artist.  Sacchetti  collaborated with Marinetti, the Father of Futurism, on his magazine Poesia, in Paris, where he worked as a fashion illustrator immediately before WWI.  At the outbreak of the war he returned to Italy, where he worked as a propaganda artist, magazine and book illustrator, and designed postcards and posters. In his long career, he is well known for an illustration and graphic style  that often crossed the borders  between portraiture and caricature.

Robes et femmes, was a satirical look  at the avant-garde designs of Paul Poiret and Paul Iribe’s iconic Les Robes de Paul Poiret racontées par Paul Iribe (1908). Note the exaggerated poses and figures of the models, and the elongated necks and shoulders  shown here.  Sacchetti’s illustrations which depict feathers, furs, turbans and tunic dresses  resemble  Poiret’s designs of the time.

The cover and 13 plates are hand colored lithographs which were published in limited edition portfolios  of 300 numbered copies.

Book Source | [Internet Archive]

Text Source | Smithsonian Libraries
Author | Elizabeth Broman

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The GripSnap | Magnetic Smartphone & GoPro Holder

GripSnap | The Selfie’s Best Friend

The GripSnap is a flexible stand for smartphones and GoPros with a SUPER-powerful magnetic base. Awesome for selfies and group photos!  A portable, flexible monopod for your phone or GoPro with a super-strong magnetic base? It’s about time!

“Selfies” was the word of the year in 2013. In 2014 let’s all agree to  start taking selfies that don’t look like selfies — with the GripSnap! The GripSnap (patent pending) is AWESOME, whether you’re taking a group photo with your friends or doing kickassGoPro videos from the hood of your car. There are so many uses for the GripSnap, you’re going to need more drive space for all of your crazy photos!


It’s not just for iPhones!
The GripSnap works with smartphones of all shapes and sizes up to and including the Samsung Galaxy Note, which is 3.27″ wide.  Stop asking people to take your picture, or worse, having a phone full of pictures without you in them! Finally, everyone can be in the photo — just snap the GripSnap to pretty much any ferrous metal surface, and using one of many available camera timer apps, take pictures that include the whole crew, instead of always missing one person.


Stretch Goal Added!!
If we reach the $25,000 mark, we’re adding a new reward — the GripSnap Car Mount! If you use your phone for navigation or if you want an easy dash-cam setup, you’ll want this! See the prototype in the GripSnap Update #4 

To reach this goal, we’re going to need your help spreading the word. Please share this project on social media to get the word out.


How do you take a hands-free selfie?
It’s easy! There are lots of camera timer apps out there. Some are even voice or sound activated, so you can clap your hands or yell “Cheese!” and your phone will take your picture. Here are a few of the apps we like that work GREAT with the GripSnap:


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Tubulars | Flavor Infusing Straws

tubulars 3

Tubulars’ Straws Infuse Plain Milk with Tasty Flavors

Tubulars Milk Flavoring Straws are designed to encourage kids to drink dairy products. There are tons of kids who don’t like the taste of plain milk, and this has been addressed with numerous types of syrups, but Tubulars is a quick, super easy and mess-free way to instantly add a kick to milk.

tubulars 2

The insides of the straws contain “Unibeads,” which make sure that flavors like chocolate, strawberry, banana, cookie and kiwi are evenly dispersed until the last drops of milk are gone. In addition to this, these flavor-infusing straws only contain two grams of sugar. Tubulars also has another line of straws in four different flavors that add probiotic benefits to milk, which makes a healthy beverage even more nutritious and easy to get down.

References | absosuckinglutely & packagingoftheworld
Trendspotter | Laura McQuarrie

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AllSaints “Langer” Leather Coat

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Vince Camuto | Dawn Clutch

Ready or Not!


Vince Camuto Dawn Clutch Black
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